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Fast drying line marking paints

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Fast drying line marking paints

fast curing resin line marking paints and coatings for heavy duty use

Line marking paints that set in as little as 1 hour are available to buy through Arcon Construction Supplies.

Define vehicle routes, pedestrian routes, safe crossing points, safe working zones, 

Fast curing line marking paints 1 hour +

MMA Linemark can cure in as little as 1 hour. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and can be applied in temperatures down to -5°C. It can be applied to most common building substrates except plastics.  MMA Linemark is hardwearing, has good chemical resistance, long-lasting inherent flexibility and excellent UV stability.  

There are three grades of MMA Linemark available:

  • SMOOTH - for internal applications or lightly trafficked external surfaces, such as warehouses, footpaths 
  • STANDARD - for external heavily trafiicked areas, such as goods yards, roads, 
  • REFLECTIVE - a high luminescence grade designed to provide high visibility demarcation  on heavily trafficked external surfaces. 

MMA or Methyl Methacrylate based paints are solvent based, high VOC content and noticeable odour. It must be used in well ventilated spaces and not near open flames or cigarettes. This product has the potential to taint nearby food, drink and other products.  Do not apply in operational food manufacturing / processing facilities, operational cold stores, freezers and blast chillers, or where products are being stored nearby.  In this instances, use a food-safe non-tainting fast drying line marking paint such as the Elladur polyaspartic resin coating described below.

Solvent-free fast drying line marking paints

New polyaspartic-based line marking paint do not contain solvents and are very low in VOCs. Elladur LM is a high performance, solvent-free non-tainting line marking coating can accept light traffic in as little as 2 hours after application and heavy traffic after 2-4 hours.  It can cure at low temperatures and is UV stable.  Elladur LM is a high build coating that has a gloss finish. Where additional slip-resistance is required a suitable slip-resistant aggregate can be added to the base and hardener during mixing.



Standard epoxy resin line marking paints and coatingsNon-slip plates, stair treads, step nosings and ladder rungsNon-slip outdoor surfaces for car parks, roads, pavements and yards

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