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line marking paints & coatings

heavy duty industrial line marking paints for indoor and outdoor use

Resuline a fast curing two-pack, high build system for application of lines and hatching to floors at a thickness from 200 to 500 microns. The coloured high gloss finish is hard wearing and has good chemical resistance. Can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and finishes subject to appropriate preparation. It can be applied by brush roller or trowel to tapes and markers with the minimum of creep even on textured surfaces. Aggregate can be incorporated to achieve a slip-resistant surface.

Resucoat HB is a two-pack solvent free, high build epoxy resin coating for application as a heavy duty coating at a thickness from 200 to 500 microns. The coloured high gloss finish is extremely hard wearing and has good general chemical resistance.

Resuseal WB an epoxy resin water-based, floor and wall coating, primarily designed for general application in all areas of industry where a hard wearing coating is required. Applications include Resutop white resin line marking paint for indoor car parkwarehouses and production units, food preparation areas, laboratory-clean room environments, and any areas of maximum hygiene, such as operating theatres and breweries.

Resucryl WB a single pack, fast drying, water based acrylic coating for painting and marking out floors and concrete hardstandings. Suitable for both internal and external locations. Available in a range of safety colours.

Linemarking MMA a solvented fast setting line marking paint for indoor and outdoor locations subject to heavy traffic. It is UV resistant with excellent colour stability. Available in reflective / high luminence grades for enhanced visibility.  

Ultracrete Instaline a pre-formed thermoplastic road marking system ideal for the reinstatement of small line marking areas on car parks, roads and carriageways, etc. after maintenance work has taken place to enable instant road opening.

Line Marking Paint a solvent based marking paint for line or spot marking in road and pothole repairs, car parks and warehouses, building sites, sports areas, excavation sites, mining, turf marking and landscape sites. The semi-permanent formula is effective for a least 3 months after application and offers a quick and effective spot marking solution.

Surveyline a semi-permanent spray applied solvent based marking paint for general contractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for gas, electric, water and cable company use. Also suitable for highlighting pot holes, machinery positions etc and for general highway maintenance, excavation sites, mining, turf marking and landscaping use. Semi permanent formula lasts at least 3 months after application under normal wear conditions. Typically, the following colours have the following applications:

  • White/Yellow – General Marker
  • Blue – Water
  • Red – Electricity
  • Green – Cablework
  • Black – Covering old lines

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