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Marine and Underwater Grouts, Adhesives, Sealants and Repair Mortars

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Marine and Underwater Grouts, Adhesives, Sealants and Repair Mortars

Products for Concrete Repair in Marine Environments

Marine environments can pose significant challenges to construction, repair and maintenance of buildings, structures and civil engineering works.  

Significant issues to take in to account include:

  • frequent freeze thaw cycles in cold climates
  • frequent wet dry cycles
  • long-term immersion in water
  • tidal flow of water 
  • impacts from waves and other materials such as rocks carried by the waves
  • erosion 
  • salt-water
  • increased corrosion of steel reinforcement bars, accelerated by salt absorbed by the concrete


Concrete Repair Products for Underwater and Marine Environments

Aquatic Mortar Accelerated - a very fast setting anti-washout mortar design for use in wet and/or underwater conditions.  It achieves high early strength gain even in low temperatures and will not break-up or disperse when applied underwater.  Suitable for repairing concrete sea defences, marine structures, harbours, jetties, tunnels, pipes, sewers, docks, culverts, bridges, locks etc.

Aquaplug - a rapid setting mortar designed to plug leaks in building structures and to seal joints to prevent the inflow of water.

Febtank Plug - ultra rapid setting waterstop repair compound that can be used to plug live water leaks in masonry and concrete structures, it can be used above and below water.  Suitable for plugging holes, cracks and joints. Forms a water-tight seal.

Spraydeck Rapid - an ultra fast setting anti-washout dry spray applied shrinkage compensated concrete. Achieves high early strength gain and is thixotropic, allowing high-build. It can resist water ingress between piles and ground founded units. Suitable for moving water situations, culverts, tunnels, marine defences and rapid strength barriers. 

Marine Mortar - a fast-setting anti-wash out gun applied mortar, specifically designed for application that can only be carried out between tides / at low tide.

Acropak HB40 Mortar - a lightweight cementitious repair mortar suitable for use in harsh marine environments.

Nitomortar UA - a two-part epoxy resin mortar suitable for use in very wet and or underwater situations. It is highly durable and resistant to physical damage, has excellent bonding and adhesion, high strength and excellent chemical resistance.  It can be used on both concrete and steel. It is ideal for repairing structures that withstand a heavy battering from the sea, such as piers, jetties, submerged structures etc. 


marine and underwater GROUTS

Conbextra UW - an anti-wash out cementitious shrinkage compensated grout for use underwater and within tidal zones.  Suitable for quay pillars, slipways, bridge columns, stanchion plates etc. 

Lokfix - a range of epoxy resin anchor grouts that can be used underwater.  Used for anchoring / fixing steel bars in to rock, concrete, brickwork and masonry.  

100 Newton Grout AW - an ultra high strength shrinkage compensated grout designed for use in the wind turbine industry. AW denotes that it is an anti-washout grade, there is also a standard grade. It can support the heaviest of structures, including crane rails, bridge bearing seats, ground anchors and baseplates for machinery or structures; as well as offshore structure repairs, wind turbines and underwater grouting applications.

CSW Grout - a water resistant grout designed for use in wet conditions such as sea defences, marine structures, harbours, jetties, tunnels, docks, locks, culverts, bridges, pipes, sewers etc. It is resistant to sea water, oils and mild alkalis.

CSU Grout - similar to the CSW grout in performance but this grade is specifically for underwater applications. 

Cebex 250 - an anti-wash out admixture for grouts to be applied underwater. The admixture forms a gel around the around cementitious grout particles.

Nitomortar UA - a two-part epoxy resin mortar that can be used underwater and in exceptionally wet conditions. It can be used to repair steelwork and concrete on submerged marine structures such as jetties, piers, sea walls etc.


marine and underwater sealants

Arbo Marine Sealant - Call us on 01925852225 to discuss specific requirements.

Arbokol AG2 Gun Grade - a two-part polysulphide sealant to ISO11600F25LM suitable for joints in water retaining surfaces. Ideal for sealing joints in metal and concrete sea walls; and non-potable water retaining structures.

Sikaflex Pro-3 - a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant.  It has high mechanical resistance and is suitable for extremely harsh environments such as wastewater facilities and sewerage treatment plants. Also suitable for tunnel floors.

Nitoseal PU12 - a two part elastomeric polyurethane abrasion resistant joint sealant ideal for use in sea wall and joints in tidal zones subject to tidal scour. 

Nitoseal MS600 - a single part medium modulus sealant that is tough, water-resistant and higly durable. Suitable for use in sea walls, but must be able to cure for 7 days prior to immersion into sea water.

Thioflex 600 - a multi-part polysulphide sealant that comes in either gun-grade or pouring grade, suitable for dockside movement joints.

Colpor 200PF - a two component cold applied pouring grade joint sealant suitable for dockside movement joints that is oil and fuel resistant. 

Sikasil Pool - a one part silicone sealant suitable for swimming pools, permanently wet areas and frequently wet areas. 

Aquaseal mBond 395 - a high-strength marine-grade adhesive designed for structural and dynamically stressed bonding applications. Suitable for boat / ship building and maintenance industries. 

Marine Primer No. 20 - primer for use on non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics in marine environments. Also, for use with the Aquaseal adhesive and sealants on problematic surfaces.


SikaSwell A are swellable hydrophilic acrylic waterstop/waterbar strips that can be used to seal and prevent water ingress through construction joints and penetrations through concrete. They can be used for both salt water and potable water ingress situations. For more information see Waterbars & Waterstops page for more information.

crane rail grouts

Grouts suitable to carry high dynamic loading and vibrations typically required for grouting crane rails include: E33, E70, Epicon L Grout, Epicon M Grout, Epicon RT Grout, Nu Grout Superflow, Nu Grout Hi Spec, 100N Grout, High Build Mortar, Febset 45, Conbextra EP and E140.

jetty repair grouts & mortars

Products suitable for the repair of jetties include: Conbextra UW, Nitomortar UA, Renderoc LA, Renderoc HB45, Renderoc DS/SC, Renderoc LA.

concrete curing compounds for marine and coastal environments

Chemcure S is a saline compatible concrete curing compound. It acts to greatly reduce hairline cracks and crazing associated with shrinkage on both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces during the curing process. 


 ultra high strength wind turbine grouts suitable for coastal & off-shore Waterproofing solutions CASE STUDY: Sea Wall Flood Defence Extension

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