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UK Supplier of Fast Fibre Reinforced Repair Mortar 

high strength fibre reinforced repairs for extreme traffic and heavy duty loading

Arcon Construction Supplies have stocked the latest rapid-set fast-track concrete repair mortars since we started nearly 30 years ago. As time goes on products are enhanced, reformulated and or renamed; and new products are developed. Call us on 01925852225 for specification advice, product availability and quotations, or email

fibre reinforced rapid repair mortars

Steel and synthetic fibres are used in concrete to increase the tensile strength of the composite material. The  fibre material, shape and length and the design of the mix, can in some instances mitigate the need for conventional re-bar steel reinforcement. In repair mortars, fibres also increase the tensile strength of the mortar and allows the repair to withstand extreme traffic loads and continuous vibration. 

Emaco Fast Fibre is now called MasterEmaco T 1400 FR - it is a  high specification cementitious repair mortar reinforced with steel fibres and PAN synthetic fibres for enhanced performance in extreme conditions.  

Features and benefits of T1400 fibre reinforced repair mortar:

  • Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Excellent durability
  • Good resistance to high dynamic loading and vibration 
  • Ultra-high ductility
  • Ultra rapid strength gain
  • Very good skid resistance even when surface is wet
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons
  • Very good freeze-thaw stability
  • Good carbonation resistance and very low water absorption ensure underlying reinforcement is protected
  • Ease of application - no primer required, only requires the addition of clean water, can be mixed by hand, easy to work with, flowable, good adhesion, very low shrinkage characteristics minimises tendency to crack while drying / curing; can be applied in cold conditions and sub-zero temperatures down to -10°C; can be bulked out with gravel to achieve thicker sections.
  • Very high early and final strength - can be fully opened to all traffic after just 2hrs, ensuring minimal downtime to enable the repair to be carried out.

Example applications of T1400 fibre reinforced repair mortar:

  • Can be used both INDOORS and OUTDOORS
  • Small to large repairs to floor, ramp, loading bay, yard and concrete highway repairs
  • Repairing concrete surfaces exposed to extreme traffic loading
  • Repairing defective joints in industrial floors and yards
  • Concrete repair in heavy goods yards and freight depots
  • Repairs in heavy engineering and heavy manufacturing plants
  • Concrete repair in recycling centres and power plants
  • Concrete road-way and yard repairs in petrochemical plants
  • Concrete repairs in shipping yards and distribution centres 
  • Repairs to concrete road surfaces and heavily trafficked vehicle routes in ports
  • Salvage and scrap metal yard repairs
  • Concrete repairs in automotive plants
  • Concrete repairs in refridgerated units and cold stores
  • For concrete repairs to be carried out within tight time constraints / limited timescales / limited access



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