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Good preparation is essential before applying any surface coating or screed whether it be dirt & dust removal, chemical etching, diamond grinding, or encapsulated shot blasting. An extended service life can be achieved by further improving the substrate by applying the correct primer for the finishing system.
A range of priming solutions are available for all flooring situations.


Resuprime ST (formerly called just Resuprime and Resumeprime 16NT) is a two-pack solvent-free epoxy resin bonding and priming coat, designed for easy application, with good surface wetting properties. Primer for epoxy resin paints, coatings and screeds. It will bond thin section resin based screeds and toppings to cementitious and other surfaces. 

Pumadur Primer an economical low viscosity polyurethane primer with low VOC content. Suitable for use as a primer for both polyurethane and epoxy resin systems, including resin floors, coving and wall finishes.

Pumaprime SF a two-part epoxy resin primer suitable for use on concrete and polymer modified screeds. Aids the adhesion of resin floor systems.

Resuprime MVT (formerly called R.S. Dampshield) is a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors. This enables earlier application of screeds, coatings and other floor coverings including carpets, tiles, vinyl and wood. Can be applied onto substrates with hygrometer readings up to 97% RH 

Pumaprime DPM a two-component liquid applied surface damp proof membrane (DPM) and residual moisture supressant.  Allows for early overlaying of carpets, vinyls and resin floor finishes without observing conventional "drying-out times". 

Resuprime OT (formerly called R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer) a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual oil contamination in concrete floors. It will protect the floor by ensuring that the oil contaminates will not come through and affect final finishes. For cleaning products click here.

Pumaprime OCS (oil contaminated substrates) a solvent-free two-part epoxy coating to aid the adhesion of screeds and coatings on surfaces that have previously been contaminated by oil and cleaned.  For cleaning products click here.

Pumaprime TC (tack coat) is a two part epoxy resin tack coat to aid the adhesion  of troweled on epoxy resin screed systems.

Pumadur Primer TC (tack coat) is a three part polyurethane resin tack coat to aid the adhesion of troweled on polyurethane resin screed systems.

Pumaprime ESD (electro static dissipative) a solvent-free conductive primer for use in areas requiring anti-static / electro static dissipative floor finishes; used in conjunction with an ESD floor finish.

Resuprime ZP a two-pack solvent free epoxy resin zinc phosphate metal primer, designed for easy application with good surface wetting properties.

Epicon DSP a two-component solvent free adhesion promoter for use when conventional primers might not perform. It can be applied to green or damp concrete to protect moisture sensitive finishing coats. It offers excellent corrosion protection when used as a primer for steel.

Metobond 1:1 an easily mixed and applies two part epoxy resin adhesive and floor repair compound. Particularly good for filling bolt holes, cracks and floor scars.

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