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Hygienic Floor and Wall Coatings

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Hygienic Floor and Wall Coatings


There are many situations where hygienic, easy-to-clean, durable floor and wall coatings are a necessity not simply a nice-to-have. In healthcare, pharmaceuticals, prisons & custodial, food & beverage production and many other sectors, hygiene is of paramount importance. It is imperative that the floor and wall finishes in specialist facilities support the rigorous operational standards required within these sectors. Selecting floor and wall finishes that simplify cleaning procedures and maintenance requirements can reduce costs and enable funds to be spent on other key priorities. Joints, seals and cracks can collect dirt and harbour microbes even when best efforts are made to thoroughly clean surfaces. It is the nature of the materials that creates the problem.

Choosing seamless, non-porous, durable finishes is key. Vinyl sheeting and tiles, PVC cladding sheets / panelling (such as whiterock), ceramic tiles and other commonly used floor and wall finishes all create a high number of joints. Furthermore, if the joints fail and dirt or liquid gets behind the sheet, tile or panel it is very difficult to clean without stripping up the materials. An indication that his has happened is often smell, especially in areas such as public toilets where liquids such as urine can seep underneath floor sheets and tiles. An excellent alternative is a resin system. To choose the right hygienic resin system for you, the following points need to be considered:

    • What chemicals will be used in any processing in the area and/or for cleaning/sanitizing? -  types and concentrations
    • What kinds and amount of impact and/or abrasion will the wall of floor surface experience? - frequency, equipment, wheel types of trolleys, susceptibility to deliberate damage or vandalism etc.
    • What sot of temperatures will the surface be exposed to? - normal air temperature, refrigeration / climate cooled, exposure to steam, temperature of any spillages etc.



Products for a wide variety of applications, industries and specialist facilities:

Resuseal Wall - hygienic resin wall paint in operating theatre

Resuseal Wall Finishes are coloured gloss or satin finish hygienic epoxy resin sealer and coating for wall and floors. Specifically designed for use in operating theatres, laboratory clean-rooms, kitchens, food preparation and food processing areas, breweries and light industry. It can be applied to plaster, concrete, blockwork, brick, ceramic tiles and other common building materials.

Hygienic Resin Wall Finishes - Resutile hospital exmple

Resutile Wall a two pack solvent based polyurethane light fast, anti-graffiti and chemically resistant wall coating.  Provides a seamless easy-to-clean surface finish and can be subjected to high temperatures.  It also has good abrasion and impact resistance.

Hygienic Resin Wall Finishes - Resupen Example

Resupen WB Wall is a two-part polyurethane resin suitable for use on vertical surfaces such as plaster, concrete and timber.  It can also be used as a seal coat for existing and new surface finishes. Both satin and matt finishes are available in a variety of colours which are UV stable, so there should be limited discolouration over time.

pumacoat single part acrylic resin wall paint

Pumacoat V  is a two-part epoxy resin coating suitable for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces both internally and externally.  It can be applied to plaster, cementitious renders, screeds, blockwork, brickwork and concrete finishes to provide an easy to clean, hard wearing durable finish. Available in a range of colours.

Hygienic Resin Wall Finishes - Ecuclad Police Station Example

Ecuclad is a system comprising primer coats, fibreglass reinforcement membrane and resin finish coats.  The grade of reinforcement and the type of finish coats can be varied to match the durability, chemical resistance, impact resistance, thermal performance, UV-resistance and affordability requirements of any aggressive environment.  It is more economical than pre-formed panel products such as whiteroc.

Hygienic Resin Wall Finishes - Ecuseal Rendered Facade Example

Ecuseal is a high performance elastomeric coating used for waterproofing and anti-carbonation protection.  It comes in a variety of colours, or can be customised, for application to internal walls, external walls and roofs.

hygienic floor finishes


Resuseal WB a durable two component coating available in an attractive range of colours in both matt and gloss finishes.

Resucoat HB solvent free high specification epoxy resin coating giving excellent chemical resistance. Perfect for floors in manufacturing and food industries.

Resuflor a range of self smoothing epoxy resin screeds laid at thicknesses of 2 -5mm. Gloss systems for minimum dirt retention and easy cleaning.

Pumadur Polyurethane a range of seamless easy-to-clean resin floor finishes from coatings to self-smoothing compounds to heavy duty screeds. All have excellent chemical and thermal resistance and come in a variety of standard colours or custom/bespoke colours (subject to minimum order quantities).  Suitable for use in food manufacturing and processing, healthcare, animal care, engineering, chemical processing, printing, dairies, breweries and many other facilities.

Resuthane TG69 is a high performance polyurethane screed that comes in two parts resin/aggregate and hardener.  It has excellent chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and can withstand vehicular traffic.  It has a highly durable, abrasion resistant and inherent slip-resistant surface that can cope with heavy duty use in very aggressive industrial environments.  Suitable for heavy industry, chemical plants, healthcare, veterinary suites, medical facilities, food manufacture and processing etc. 

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