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Concrete floor sealers, dust-proofers and hardeners


Unsightly and unhygienic layers of dust accumulating on packaging and stored goods can be a major headache in warehouse and storage facilities. This contamination is often caused by forklift vehicles disrupting the floor surfaces spreading the fine particles into the air particularly on older floors were no treatment has been made. For existing and aged floors suppression of dust is possible by treating with penetrative resin sealing solutions leading to hard wearing fishes suitable for may industrial premises.

In new facilities improvement of the floor quality and reduction in dust generation can be achieved when new concrete floors are being installed. Using a combined curing compound, sealer and hardener just after the concrete finishing stage ensures quality of finish and durability.

Floor and Wall Sealer a simple, economic, yet highly effective treatment for the reduction of dusting of concrete floors and screeds. Based on a pure acrylic waterborne dispersion it is ideal for poorly ventilated areas. Suitable for internal and external use on a variety of building materials to seal and protect.

Resutop Binder a clear solvent-free coating that penetrates deep in to dusting and defective concrete slabs and sand/cement screeds to consolidate particles and bind them together.  It creates a hardwearing, hygienic, easy-to-clean surface.  Suitable for food & beverage processing facilities, factories, garages, automotive & aviation complexes, engineering workshops and chemical plant rooms.

Sikafloor Proseal Pro a low odour clear acrylic solution used to cure harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete. Provides dust control for internal and external surfaces. Also used as a curing treatment after the laying of dry shake concrete floors.

Concure WB a water based resin emulsion designed to reduce water loss from freshly laid concrete. Leads to more efficient cement hydration and subsequent improvement of surface hardness and durability.

Nitoflor Lithurin a soluble white powder based on metallic fluorosilicates when premixed with water penetrates existing concrete floors. It reacts with the concrete to form granite hard crystals leaving a permanent, hard wearing and dustproof surface.

Nitoflor Hardtop a special blend of cement and hard wearing fine aggregate broadcast into the surface of fresh concrete. Power floated into the concrete floor it dramatically increases the abrasion resistance of the hardened floor.

Pumaseal PC a coloured polyurethane dustproofer and sealer that can also be used to reinforce / bind old and porous concrete floors.  It has excellent abrasion resistance and can be used on most common materials such as concrete, polymer modified screeds and timber, but not asphalt.

Pumaseal P1 and Pumaseal P2 are solvented polyurethane resins suitable to be used as a floor sealer on timber/wood, grano, concrete and composite flooring.  Both are extremely resistant to abrasion and are able to withstand heavy trafficking over prolonged periods. They perform significantly better than traditional water-based and oil-based floor paints.  The only difference is that P1 is a clear brown resin, and gives a slightly brown tinge to the surface it coats, whereas P2 is clear white giving no colour change.  Both give a gloss finish and can also be used as a floor binder/ strengthener. 

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