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slip resistant coatings and paints for outdoor applications

resin and cementitious coating for ramps, pedestrian areas, car parks, stadiums etc

Deckmaster HFS UVR a rapid installation elastic polyurethane system that provides a high-friction anti-slip surface ideal for ramps, car park, warehouses, steps and many other applications. Can withstand vehicle traffic and has good chemical resistance, including fuels, mineral oils, hydraulic oils and solvents. Available in a range of bright standard colours it is UV resistant and provides a seamless finish. It is highly durable with excellent resistant to impact and abrasion. 

Cemcrete TX (formerly called RS Cemcrete) a polymer/cement based system designed for internal or external applications. It is an elastomeric paint-on coating that provides a heavy duty durable trafficable surface with built in waterproofing and flexibility. It textured finish it is ideal for resurfacing concrete and asphalt ramps to give added slip resistance. Cemcrete can be applied to timber, concrete, tarmac and other common building materials and has been used to provide an anti-slip coating on everything from loading bays to jetties. Available in grey or white.

Nitoproof 800 an external coating and resurfacing system designed specifically for balcony, terraces and walkway refurbishment. Offering exceptional wear characteristics it is a waterproof system manufactured in environmentally sympathetic colours.

Renderoc ST 05 is designed for application to concrete decks and vertical surfaces in thin layers. For the filling of blow-holes or imperfections in concrete to produce a smooth surface, and at the same time provide a chloride and carbonation barrier. It can be left as a fair-face finish or overcoated. It can be used as a scrape coat, brush or trowel applied, placed in thicknesses from 0-5 mm. 


Anti-slip finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc.

Instagrip Anti-Skid Patch Repair - a resinous patch repair material for anti-skid road and highways surfaces, or for reinstatement following utilities works, highways works etc.. It can be used to reinstate high friction surfaces such as pedestrian crossings, footbridges, walkways, subways, carparks, ramps, road junctions, roundabouts and the like.  It may also be used as anti-skid anti-slip coatings for highways ironwork such as manhole covers.  It is available in five colours - red, green, buff, grey and black.  It a two-part resin system with aggregate provided. 


SBR anti-skid anti-slip surfacing to prevent skiding and slipping

SBR Friction Coat is an anti-skid anti-slip surfacing for road junctions, bends, corners, breaking zones, ramps and stairs. It is a 2-part system comprising cement with aggregate and a latex gauging liquid laid in thin sections.


Resubind resin bound and bonded anti-slip finish to indoor and outdoor walkways, driveways, shopping centres

Resubind is a polyurethane resin binder to create bound slip resistant gravel surfaces by adding clean dry aggregates of your choice in to the resin.  It is UV stable so will not yellow in direct sunlight and creates a durable, hardwearing surface that can be both highly slip-resistant and decorative.  Suitable for both internal and external areas, it can be used on driveways, pathways, balconies, decks, tree pits, parks, shopping centres, entrances, showrooms, sports centres, car parks and mixed with rubber crumb for playground areas. Resubind is an easy-to-use, easy to lay, two part system.


Bonded gravel anti-slip finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc.

Resugrip - a polyurethane resin system to produce bonded gravel surfaces. Suitable for use with a wide range of clean, dry natural and synthetic aggregates, to produce attractive, bespoke, slip-resistant surfaces.  It can be applied to both internal surfaces, such as concrete, steel, weathered stable, macadam/tarmac and suitable asphalt and timber.  It provides a hard-wearing, slip resistant surface which can be both highly functional and highly decorative depending upon your chosen aggregates.  The aggregated is broadcast on to a wet-film of resugrip, which has excellent bond strength and will cure at cold temperatures down to 5 degrees celsius.  It is a three part solvent-free system.  Suitable for use in public areas, foyers, entrance halls, walkways, bridges, roadways, concourses, loading bays and much more.


Anti-slip finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc. pumagrip hd 3

Pumagrip HD 3 - the pumagrip systems provide polyurethane resin binders to be applied to surfaces requiring slip-resistance and scattered with separately supplied natural or synthetic aggregates.  They can be applied to concrete, polymer modified sand cement screeds, steel and suitable asphalt and timber.  The system allows you to select aggregates of you choosing from any source to create any design, pattern or logos required.  Suitable for use on car parks, pedestrian areas, ramps, breaking zones, roads and highways.  It can accept pedestrian traffic after 6hrs, vehicular traffic after 24hrs.  The HD 3 is a three part resin system.


Pumagrip HD 2 Anti-slip finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc.

Pumagrip HD 2 - a flexible polyurethane binder which when scattered with natural or synthetic aggregate provides a non-slip surface suitable for ramps, roads, breaking zones, pedestrian areas and car parks.  It can be applied to concrete, timber, steel, polymer modified sand cement screeds and asphalt. It is easy to apply, durable and hardwearing.  It cures enabling light pedestrian traffic after 6 hrs and heavy vehicular traffic after 24hrs. It comes as a two-part resin and hardener system with aggregate supplied separately.  


Anti-slip finish to balconies, walkways,

Epigrip high build epoxy resin coating, which has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, metal, aggregates etc. Apply Epigrip to the substrate and broadcast aggregate over the wet film.  It is weather, water and chemically resistant, providing a hard wearing, durable surface for heavy duty use.  Suitable for walkways, balconies, industrial floors, forklift traffic and vehicular traffic. It is a two-part system.


Anti-slip finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc.

Uradeck BC a flexible polyurethane coating designed to form a decorative waterproof surface for raised decks and walkways, suspended floors and industrial decks.  Can be applied to concrete and steel with excellent bonds strengths to these surfaces and the slip-resistant aggregate. Surfaces can be trafficked after just 2 hours.


Anti-slip stonebond finish to car park, footpaths, roads, tarmac, macadam etc.

Stonebond PU a polyurethane resin designed to be used with natural stone aggregates to produce resin-bound and resin-bonded indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Similarly it can be used with recycled glass aggregates. It is UV stable, so non-yellowing in direct sunlight.


Polyaspartic resin for outdoor and indoor use

Elladur SF and Elladur LM are high-performance non-solvent high-build polyaspartic resin floor finish suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Its fast drying / rapid curing properties make it ideal for projects where a fast turnaround is required even in low temperatures.  It is low odour, low VOC and chemically resistant. It gives a tough, durable, light-stable / UV resistant gloss finish suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. And can be both decorative and highly functional.

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Anti-slip stripes for timber decking available in natural & his vis coloursAnt-slip stair step nosings, landings, ramps and walkways - retro-fit and new installsAnti-slip seamless resin floor coating for indoor use including wet area arcon line markings and coatings

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