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liquid-applied damp proof membranes (DPMs) for concrete floors


A punctured or missing damp-proof membrane below a concrete floor can give rise to the passage of moisture to the surface with the potential of ruining floor coatings and coverings such as resin paints, laminate flooring, vinyls and carpets.

Installing a new membrane below the concrete floor is obviously expensive and disruptive, however surface applied membranes are available which are easy to apply and cope with the dampest of conditions up to relative humidities of 98%.

Applied directly they are certainly more cost effective and less time consuming than removal and reinstatement of the floor.

R.S. DAMPSHIELD is a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors. This enables earlier access onto the floor for the application of screeds, coatings and other floor coverings including carpets, tiles, vinyl and wood. Can be applied onto substrates with hygrometer readings up to 97% RH. Also available in a fast hardening grade. Water-based non-solvented.

Spray applied liquid DPMRoller applied surface DPM to concrete floor Brush applied surface dpm for concrete floorsLiquid applied damp proof membranes for concrete floor

Pumaprime DPM - a solvent-free liquid applied surface DPM for concrete floors. It can be applied to damp floors and maintains excellent adhesion.  It is available in clear, red and yellow; the coloured versions aid complete coverage during application by providing a good visual contrast with the damp concrete.

ULTRA DPM range – a family of one and two coat damp proof membranes. suitable for the suppression of floor slab and screed moisture prior to installing levelling screeds, vinyl tiles and resin floor coatings. The DPM IT range is fast becoming one of the ultimate protective coating materials available in the commercial and industrial flooring industries throughout the UK:

DPM IT 1 - a one coat, single application.
DPM IT 2 - a two coat for ultimate protection against rising moisture.
DPM IT A - a damp proof membrane additive specially designed for DPM IT one coat and DPM IT two coat. It reduces the products' curing times to as little as 3 hours after application.

Blackjack DPM - a rubber enhanced bitumen DPM floor coating for sandwich floor constructions.  Ready-to-use low hazard application.  Can also be used as a waterproofer on walls, abutments and the like; and a bonding agent for floor finishes such as wood blocks / parquet flooring, mosaic tiles, rigid insulation, cork etc. 

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