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Building & Construction Adhesives

high strength long lasting building, construction & structural adhesives

Arcon Construction Supplies stock construction and building adhesives that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Metobond 1:1 is an extremely strong thixotropic structural adhesive.  It is a two-part epoxy that has excellent bond strengths to most common building materials such as concrete, metals, steel, aluminium, copper, glass, timber, masonry brick, stone, blockwork, and a huge number of others. It is ideal for vertical and overhead situations and can be used for crack repairs and void filling as well as bonding.

Sikadur 33 is also a solvent-free two-part epoxy based structural adhesiveSikadur 33 structural, construction & building adhesive glue that can be used to 'glue' building and structural elements. It bonds to most common building materials such as hollow and solid masonry, brickwork, blockwork, ceramics, concrete, rock / stone, metals, steel / iron / aluminium / copper, fibre-cement, render, screeds etc. It is cartridge applied and can be used for corner repairs, crack filling, void filling and anchoring / fixing window frames, handrails and other building elements. Sikadur 33 can be applied to damp concrete if necessary, but it performs optimally if applied to dry substrates.

Sikadur 31 CF (also available as a rapid set version Sikadur 31 CF Rapid and two versions for use in contact with drinking water, Sikadur 31 DW and Sikadur 31 DW Rapid) - is an epoxy-based construction, building and structural general purpose adhesive. 

Epikerb has been designed specifically to bond concrete kerbs directly to  concrete, asphalt and tarmac / macadam road and car park surfaces.  It is a three-part solvent free epoxy resin system. Epikerb can also be used for bedding manholes, inspection chambers, pre-cast concrete planks and units, coping stone,  concrete drainage channels and similar. 


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