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Industrial grade levelling screeds

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industrial grade levelling screeds and concrete repair materials

Repair and levelling materials to meet the demands of heavy duty industrial premises 

Repair and levelling materials for industrial sites need to withstand heavy duty use by HGVs, forklifts, loading and unloading operations, spillages and impacts. We have brought together a range of materials capable of resisting damage in heavy duty aggressive environments. Normal underlayment 'self-levelling' screeds will not be able to stand up to the rigours of industry.

In general, the cement based materials are cheaper than the resin based materials, however the resins usually offer enhanced chemical resistance, excellent resistance to vibration and heavy dynamic and live loading. 

Febflor Ultralay is a cement-based heavy duty levelling and febflor ultralay industrial levelling & concrete resurfacing materialresurfacing screed that can be applied to uneven concrete surfaces both indoor and outdoor. It is an ultra high strength levelling / repair screed capable of withstanding vehicular traffic.  Its fast-setting / rapid curing capabilities means it can accept foot traffic after just 2 hours. Frost and water resistance capabilities ensure it can be used on exterior and interior surfaces.  Febflor Ultralay provides a finished wearing surface that can accept traffic without any further surface treatments. It can also be overlaid with most common floor finishes, such as tiles, floor paint, resin coatings and resin screeds. It is easy to use, the bagged cement-based powder is just mixed with clean water on site, making it an ECONOMICAL levelling / smoothing / repair solution.

Mapegrout SV is a pourable / free-flowing cementious repair grout mapegrout sv pourable levelling & concrete repair material used for industrial and warehouse floor repairs, service yards, goods yards, loading bays, highways and airport levelling, repairs and fixing. High early strength gain and rapid setting and hardening, mean that repairs can be carried out quickly with minimal disruption. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and is waterproof and abrasion resistant.  


Tufpatch FS is an extremely hard wearing and durable patch repair mortar for internal and external industrial premises. It can be used for all sorts of general concrete repairs as well as levelling uneven industrial floors, forming ramps for level changes, particularly when heavy trafficking by forklifts and HGVs is anticipated, topping spalled concrete and even bedding machinery. Tufpatch has good chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and heavy impact resistance. 

Level IT HD Top is a cement based self-levelling surfacing and repair material for indoor locations, capable of withstanding heavy traffic from forklift trucks. Its ultra fast-setting rapid strength gain properties enable repairs and resurfacing to be carried out quickly to ensure minimal disruption to industrial operations. Ideal for warehousing and industrial floors. It provides a wearing finish that can accept traffic, but it can be overlaid if desired. 

Resuscreed 45 is a chemically resistant epoxy resin industrial Resuscreed 45 re-levelling coloured epoxy resin screed repairfloor screed usually laid at 6mm, suitable for levelling, protective surfacing, resurfacing and repairs. It is extremely hard wearing and has excellent durability. It's coloured textured finish gives an inherently slip-resistant surface. Resuscreed 45 has excellent resistance to impact and abrasion typical in industrial environments. Once sealed, the system is impervious. Resuscreed 45 can also be used to form coved skirtings at floor and wall junctions; and can be taken up to 300mm up the face of the wall. It can be used in chemical plants, chemical stores, workshops, factory floors, engineering shop floors, warehousing and many other industrial facilities. 

Resuscreed 55 a hard wearing flecked epoxy resin screed suitable for Hard wearing chemically resistant epoxy resin levelling floor screedcreating smooth seamless abrasion resistant finishes on both new and existing floors, as well as for infill repairs. It has good chemical resistance and good impact resistance making it ideal for industrial areas that require a high quality finish. Resuscreed 55 is usually laid at 6mm, but can be laid at 5-10mm depending upon requirements. It can be used to create integral coved skirting and can be laid to falls if required. Its lightly textured finish provides an inherently slip-resistant surface. 

Resucrete is a very heavy duty epoxy resin screed. Resucrete very heavy duty industrial epoxy resin screed It provides very high impact resistance, excellent chemical resistance and resistance to thermal shock. There are two grades of Resucrete - Resucrete 16NT that has a black granite speckled finish - or Resucrete TS that has  a white speckled finish. Both  gardes are available in a range of standard colours; such as dark red, green, blue, dark yellow, dark grey and light grey. Resucrete's hygienic slip-resistant surface finish can be steam-cleaned and subjected to aggressive cleaning chemicals. 

Resuthane TG69 is a heavy duty polyurethane screed suitable Arcon TG69 industrial grade PU screed for extremely aggressive industrial environments. It has excellent chemical resistance, good resistance to abrasion and impact, and is extremely hard wearing. When laid at 9mm, it can be steam cleaned and will resist thermal shock from processing liquids up to 120° C / 248 F. 


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