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Our industrial flooring range of products cover a wide variety of applications ranging from:

  • complete floor installation to fast setting patch repairs.
  • abrasion, chemical and slip resistant floors
  • hygienic coatings for the food industry
  • sub zero repair for cold stores

All but the very worst floors can be upgraded to provide a safe, hygienic, efficient working surface.

If your flooring problem is related to:

  • Cost/budget considerations
  • Time restraints, shut down periods
  • Availability and expertise of labour
  • Final appearance and lifespan

The solution to your problems can be found below or just call us.

Rapid Repair Mortars and Screeds

Ultracrete QC6 Rapid set cement based mortar for repair of steps, floors, foot paths, roads and runways 12-100mm thickness. Open to traffic 2 hours.

Ultracrete FTC 10mm - 80mm floor, screed and hardstanding reinstatement. Open to traffic in 4 hours.

Patchroc GP 12mm - 100mm patch repair. May be filled out with aggregate for deep sections. Open to traffic in 2 hours.

Paveroc 12mm - 100mmfloor and screed reinstatement. Open to traffic in 12/24 hours.

Febset 45 20mm+. Ultra rapid hardening for repairs in cold stores and freezer rooms. Suitable for repairs as low as minus 18C Open to traffic in 1 hour.

Resupatch Featheredge to 25mm. Fast set, high strength mortar for floor, kerb, joint and step repairs. Also used as bedding mortar.

Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Screeds and Coatings

Resucreed 43 3mm - 15mm heavy duty and Coatings epoxy resin screed for workshops, battery rooms, drink processing and loading areas.

Resucreed 50 5mm - 100mm heavy duty floor epoxy resin screed and repair concrete for aggressive environments. Excellent as a bedding for machinery.

Nitomortar S A high strength, abrasion resistant epoxy resin repair mortar and screed offering excellent chemical resistance. 3-50mm thickness.

Nitoflor FC130 non toxic chemical and oil resistant coating. For use in warehouses, kitchens, garages and light industry.

Resuseal WB a water based epoxy resin coating available in a variety of attractive colours ( matt or gloss ). Suitable for light industrial areas, food process and kitchen locations to provide hygienic surfaces.

Resucoat HB a high build, high performance solvent free epoxy resin coating. It gives excellent chemical resistance for floors in factories, warehouses, plant and storerooms.

Resutop LV specifically designed for aircraft hangar floors this product has excellent chemical resistance to SKYDROL hydraulic fluids combined with high abrasion resistance.

Colours and Non-slip grades available for selected products:
Mid Green
Mid Grey
Light Grey
Tile Red
Safety Red
Safety Yellow

Self levelling / Pumpable Screeds

Febflor Ultralay 2-20mm internal and external self smoothing screed and concrete surface improver providing heavy duty wear characteristics. Can accept vehicular traffic.

Febflor Plus 0mm -10mm self leveller for smoothing floors prior to laying floor coverings e.g. carpets, vinyls and laminates.

Ultrafloor Level IT TOP an industrial grade self smoothing screed used to improve warehouse floors. Will resist forklift traffic at an early age. Upto 2000m² resurfacing per day at 5-15mm.

Ultrafloor Level IT BASE a sub layment self smoothing screed for use with Ultrafloor Level IT TOP where thick section upto 50mm is required.

Floor Surface Hardeners and Sealers

Floor and Wall Seal acrylic resin emulsion designed to give an economic tough clear floor coating and sealer against dust.

Nitoflor Hardtop dry shake surface hardeners incorporated into concrete to give high abrasion resistance.

Nitoflor Lithurin A surface hardener for new and old concrete floors to prevent dusting and increase durability.

Febcure Superclear 181 and Sikafloor Proseal A combined concrete curing compound, surface sealer and dustproofer for freshly poured concrete floors and aged slabs.

Polymer Additives For Thin Section Heavy Duty Screeds

Compound SBR Polymer additive to sand / cement screeds.

Industrial Floor Joint Sealants

For further details on our Industrial Floor Joint Sealants click here.

Paving and Landscape Jointing Compounds

For further details on our Paving and Landscape Jointing Compounds click here.

Concrete Curing and Formwork Treatments

Chemcure R75/ R90 a range of concrete curing compounds reducing early water loss and resultant shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

Chemcure S permanent concrete curing compound to prevent rapid moisture loss and cracking during the concrete curing process. 

Febcure Superclear 181 and Sikafloor Proseal a combined concrete curing compound, surface sealer and dustproofer for freshly poured and aged concrete. Accepts further applied treatments.


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