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Fast setting screeds and concrete repair mortars


Production areas, factory floors, office floors and warehouses need constant attention. In most cases where damage has occurred, the most important factor is to have the area back in operation in the shortest possible time. The requirement for fast setting screeds and floor repair mortars is of paramount importance.

Health and Safety legislation requires all employers to provide a safe working environment for its employees. If accidents occur due to poor maintenance, legal action can ensue often proving a costly experience. Equally costly can be damage to machinery / vehicles caused by trafficking uneven surfaces, and the slowing down of operations to avoid damaged areas. 

Typical problematic floor areas are;

  • damaged movement joints
  • trip hazards and uneven surfaces
  • ruts and hollows
  • cracks and holes
  • broken and loose quarry tiles
  • worn steps and risers
  • sunken drainage channels and manhole covers

Our range of fast set floor sceed and repair mortars will solve the majority of all floor problems experienced in the modern industrial environment. Among our fast and rapid set floor screed portofolio are:

Epicon Fast Set Mortar - fast curing, high strength epoxy mortar. Best for repair depths from 3-25mm, although can be feather-edged or built-up in layers of 25mm if thicker sections are required. Ideal for concrete floor repairs, concrete or stone step / stair repairs, spalled expansion joints, concrete road or runway repairs.

Tufpatch FS a versatile, rapid hardening, high strength three-part epoxy repair mortar. It can be used for a variety of repair applications, usually laid from 5-25mm, but can be feather-edged, or layered if thicker sections are required. Good chemical, weather and abrasion resistance.

Ultracrete FTC is a high strength gain, fast track, 10mm - 80mm floor, screed and hardstanding reinstatement. Open to traffic in 4 hours.Reduces in water content rapidly to accept further treatments. Ideal for reinstatements to concrete floors, screeds, car parks, airports, and warehouses.

Paveroc For the rapid reinstatement of large areas of floor screeds and concrete pavements to avoid the total replacement of bays. Can be laid at 12 – 100mm thickness For both internal and external use with high strength, abrasion and weather resistance. 

Febset 45 is a trowel applied cementitious repair mortar that rapidly achieves high strength and can be trafficked within an hour of being laid at temperatures between 15-20°C. It can be used at temperatures of -20°C or lower and above 30°C, although at high temperatures the period workability of the material is extremely short. Suitable for 20-100mm repair depths, greater if a 10mm aggregate is used. 

Ultracrete M90 is a trowel applied repair material that can be trafficked 90 mins after being laid at 20°. Laid at 10-75mm, greater depths achieved by layering.

EMACO® Fast Fibre Flowable, fast setting and hardening, fibre reinforced road repair and nosing mortar for exposure to very high traffic loads

EMACO® Fast Fluid Fluid or flowable, fast setting and hardening, bedding and repair mortar. Upto150mm depths achievable

EMACO® Fast Tixo ultra fast setting and hardening, plastic bedding and repair mortar. Can be used at temperatures down to minus 10C.

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