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Ultra High Strength Grouts

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Ultra High Strength Non-Shrink Grouts

All of the ultra high strength grout products listed below are single part /single component systems that only require the addition of water on site.


  • ultra high compressive strength
  • high early strength build-up
  • pumpable fluid consistencies
  • resistant to freeze-thaw cycles
  • CE certification
  • dynamic loading resistance
  • excellent fatigue resistance


Base plate grouting, bridge bearing seats, crane rail tracks, windmill installations, on-shore wind farms, wind turbines, steel wind towers, pre-cast wind towers,  grouting anchor bolts of wind towers, void filling, off-shore structure repairs, underwater grouting projects, vibrating machinery bed plates, stanchion bases, ground anchors, radio telescopes, generators, compressors, diesel engines, off-shore pile / sleeve connections,  rail support systems.

Parex 100 Newton Grout

Does exactly what it says on the tin - this ultra high strength grout will achieve compressive a final compressive strength of 100 to 110 N/mm².  It is a modified cement-based grout designed for a wide range of applications that require exceptional compressive strength and the ability to resist dynamic loading.  It will resist attack from sea water, mild-alkali and oil.  An anti-washout grade is available for underwater applications.

SikaGrout 3200

Fatigue Certified OnShore Wind Tower Precision Grout SikaGrout 3200 has been developed specifically for use in the onshore wind farm generation.  It can be used on steel or pre-cast concrete wind tower for the precision grouting of  vertical and horizontal joints, structural joint filling and base plate grouting.  It achieves high final compressive strengths of up to 90 N/mm².




  • Certified to fire protection class A1 as specified by EN 13501 and DIN 4102
  • ISO9001 certified production
  • DIN EN 196-1-compliant compressive strength testing;
  • DIN EN 12390-3-compliant compressive strength testing
  • Test values provided correspond to DafStb VeBMR – directive
  • M1148406 EN 1504-6:2006 Anchoring products
  • Compressive Strength testing EN 12190 (75mm  cubes-EN12390-3)
  • Low Temperature Testing EN196-1:2005
  • Final set: EN196-3:1996
  • Slump flow: EN12350-8
  • Flow trough: EN13395-2
  • Static modulus of elasticity: EN1341
  • Flexural strength: EN196-1:2005


It is possible to create bespoke products for your specific requirements such as altering viscosity or workability times, so please contact us at if you are struggling to find the right product for your exact needs.


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