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Resin Anchor Grouts

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Resin Anchor Grouts

Resin Anchor Grouts for Grouting, Anchoring, Fixing and Holding Down

Chemical anchoring products for fixings that require high pull-out strengths.

Fosroc Lokfix is a rapid setting and hardening resin grout for fixing bolts, studs, access ladders, railings, safety fencing and barriers, etc. into concrete, masonry and rock/stone. Used to fix wall ties and balustrades quickly. Corrosion resistant with high pull-out strengths. For use in both horizontal, vertical and inverted situations.  Also suitable for foundation bolts, baseplates, tie-back anchors, railway tracks and reinforcement dowel abutments.

Anchorset Green 300 and Anchorset Red 300 high bond strength fixing and grouting resin for anchors, screws, wall ties, starter bars, signs, brackets, studs and holding down bolts. Two chemical anchoring cartridge systems ideal for multiple use fixing of wall tiles and dowel bars with a mix at the nozzle, one hit system. Good for close-to-edge applications because it does not expand, unlike expansion anchors.

Confil Grout is a polyester resin grout designed for anchoring fixings into concrete, masonry brickwork, blockwork, stone etc. It comes in two grades, pourable for horizontal applications and thixotropic for vertical, overhead and inverted situations. Both are easy to mix, easy to use and come in standard set and rapid set versions. They have excellent bond strength to steel and concrete. When cured they have high compressive, tensile and flexural strength. Applications include fixing dowels and starter bars, grouting-in machinery holding down bolts, securing crash barriers, replacing corroded wall ties, fixing cable ducts and runway lighting, under water fixings and fixing pandrols on rail tracks, to name just a few. For use 3-12mm thick. 

Anchorfix 1 is a fast curing polyester-based anchoring adhesive for use with all types of threaded rods, starter bars, rebar / reinforcement anchoring, fastening systems, concrete etc.

Sikadur 33 is a high strength rapid curing epoxy structural adhesive with excellent adhesion to most common building materials.  It can be used to anchor / fix metalwork and carpentry items, such as handrails, balustrades, window frames, door frames and similar.

Conbextra EP10/EPR a versatile range of epoxy resin grouts for use fromResin anchor grout inverted situation 0.25 mm – 120 mm used for fine crack repairs in concrete to machine holding down bolts and bridge bearing installations.

Epoxy Injection Grout a low viscosity epoxy resin grout for gap widths of 0.1-10mm.

moisture tolerant anchor grouts

Sikadur 42 HE is a moisture tolerant epoxy resin fixing system used for anchoring starter bars, fixing bolts, tie-rods, fasteners, crack tracks, machine fixings etc. 


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