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From simple void filling to precision engineering applications we have a vast non-shrink grout repairs to water treatment plantrange of grouting, anchoring and fixing products to meet every situation. Cement based grouts with non-shrink characteristics are used for filling and grouting of base plates in steel framed buildings, machinery beds, crane rails, balustrades, bridge bearing pads and dowel bars. They can be used from “dry pack” to highly flowable consistencies without compromising on strength and non-shrink properties.

Higher performance resin non -shrink grouts are available for situations demanding resistance to dynamic loading, vibration and corrosion due to harsh environments and chemical attack. They are ideally suited for machinery anchoring and bedding in the automotive and canning industries.

Our systems offer perfect solutions for all high strength, non-shrink grouting, anchoring and fixing applications

cement based grout for steel base plate groutingpourable non-shrink cement based grout for dowel fixingarcon flowable cement based groutcement based non-shrink grouts for stanchions & static machinery

Pozament General Purpose Construction Grout formally called Tarmac Cemrok Easi Flow Grout a general purpose non-shrink high strength cementitious grout.  It has high flow characteristics during application, achieving levelling and penetration with zero bleed and zero shrinkage (it is a shrinkage compensated curing process).  It aslo achieves high in service performance. Designed for machinery grouting, baseplate and stanchion grouting, fixing bolts & parapet rails, bridge bearings and rails.

Sikagrout 212 a single component flowable shrinkagecompensated cementitious grout based on a blend of selected aggregates and admixtures. Economical and versatile in use.

Masterflow 765 A high specification, high early strength, non-shrink grout for static loads e.g. base plates, bolt holes, balustrades, dowel bars etc. Can be used from mortar grade to highly flowable consistencies for 10mm – 100mm depths. Final compressive strength 65N/mm2.

Masterflow 885 A heavy duty non-shrink grout with a high final strength of 70N/mm2. Designed to withstand vibration for machinery and rail installations. 10-100mm depths.

Masterflow 9300 an ultra high strength, fatigue resisting cement based grout containing metal aggregates for grouting onshore wid turbine installation

100 Newton Grout an ultra high strength cement grout. Uses include grouting, crane rail tracks, stanchion bases, vibrating machine plate beds, grond anchors, bridge bearing seats, off shore structures, wind turbines andunderwater grouting projects. Available in an anti washout grade.

Conbextra GP a general purpose non shrink grout for void filling,base plates, balustrades, ground anchors. Good final strength 64N/mm2. Used from mortar to pourable consistencies. 10-100mm depths

Conbextra HF a highly flowable non-shrink product for use in locations of poor access . It may be pumped or poured. Has high final strength 82N/mm2. 10-100mm depths

Ultracrete HF A high early strength non-shrink grout complying with Dept. of Transport Highways Specification. Flowable consistency for bedding bridge bearings and motorway structure applications. 10mm – 100mm depths. Final compressive strength 65N/mm2.

Ultracrete Post Fix a rapid hardening concrete ideal for fixing, road signs, fence posts, minor installations, haunchings, street lighting columns, speed cameras and street furniture.

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