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The importance of fast repairs to motorways and roads cannot be underestimated. Traffic management systems are extremely expensive to install and operate, and whilst every precaution is taken they are still, by nature, very dangerous. Horizontal concrete repairs where rapid compressive strength development is paramount e.g.:

  • motorway bridge decks
  • carriageway movement joints
  • hard standings and service areas
  • car parks, forecourts and ramps
  • road furniture reinstatement

They can be achieved simply and economically with tried, tested and approved products.

For rapid reinstatement of road furniture and ironwork the Instarmac range of bedding mortars solve many of the commonly met problems from resetting of manhole frames to installation of new gullies and ducts.  

VIDEO: HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System

Ultracrete M90 will allow early trafficking of freshly bed furniture in as little as 90 minutes whilst its sister product Ultracrete M60 is even faster at 60 minutes.

Speedcrete S Acrylic conforms to the demanding Department of Transport Specification for Road and Bridgeworks BD27/86 Pt6. As a polymer modified fast setting highway repair mortar it offers the ideal solution where bridge deck waterproof membranes must be applied soon after repair.

Ultracrete PY4/PY5 enables rapid bedding and fixing of manhole frames and road furniture.

For SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURE repairs to exposed concrete on motorways, Febset 45 is often the only economical solution. Its unique characteristics enable highway repairs and the removal of traffic management systems in the shortest possible time. It is also favoured by waterproof membrane installers.

Highway CA1 is an excellent choice for fast setting ironwork bedding mortar in cold conditions, it can be used at temperatures down to +1°C with road opening possible within 3-4 hours in colder temperatures.  In ambient conditions a road could be re-opened in just 60 minutes.

Ultracrete IRR Instant Road Repair can be used to repair potholes in roads, footpaths, cycleways and driveways quickly without the need for heat, and can be trafficked instantly. Click here to see how easy it is to install VIDEO 


Tips - Manhole reinstatement / replacement techniques


Fixing Street Furniture, Road Signs, Lighting columns, Speed Cameras etc.

Road sign, speed camera, fence, lighting column, post fixing

Products for fixing posts, lighting columns, road signs, speed cameras include: QC10 Ultracrete Post-Fix Highway C2 Nupatch Bedding Mortar Mapegrout SV


Fixing vehicular barriers on highways

Fixing vehicle barriers on highways, pedestrian barriers & balustrades

Products for fixing vehicle barriers include: Confil Grout Mapegrout SV

Ironwork bedding & reinstatement

Bedding ironwork in roads / highways / motorways

Bedding ironwork such as inspection chamber frames, BS EN 124 access covers, manhole frames, gulleys, drainage channels, slot drains, etc. including ductile and heavily trafficked ironwork.  See paragraphs at the top of this page for more info.  Products include: Febset45 M60 M90  PY4 Highway C2 Highway CA1 Mapegrout SV Nupatch Bedding Mortar Ironwork backfilling products include: QC10 

Utilities reinstatement products include: Envirobed HA104 Envirobed HA104 Flowable VIDEO

Bridge deck repairs

Bridge deck repairs

Products include: Febset 45 Speedcrete S Acrylic Epropatch Deck Repair Rapid Nucem Mortar Nucem Concrete (conforms to DTp specification BD27/86 part 6)

Highways / Road Carriageway Repairs

parex highways road deck repairs

Products include: Febset 45 Speedcrete S Acrylic Epropatch Nucem Mortar Nucem Concrete (conform to DTp specification BD27/86 part 6); Mapegrout SV for highways coating repairs

Kerb bedding

Kerb bedding and haunching for highways, roads & footpaths

Products include: Kerbfix Mapegrout SV

Bedding/bonding directly to tarmac / macadum road surface: Resupatch Epikerb Kerbfix

Trafficable Paving Systems

Trafficable paving build-up

Bedding, jointing and pointing compounds for trafficable paved, stone-flagged, cobblestone, granite-setts etc. Products include high performance rigid paving systems that meet and exceed the rigours of BS 7533; primers, bedding compounds, bonding adhesives, mortars, cementitious and resinous jointing compounds, and sealers for both domestic and commercial hard landscaping projects. Click here for more...

Pothole & blacktop repairs

Tarmac / macadam / macadum

Potholes can be filled without using hot works methods and be instantly traffickable with Ultrascape IRR Instant Road Repair.  Cracks and other defects in blacktop surfacing and concrete can be repaired with Nuproof latex modified bitumen emulsion.

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