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fast setting concrete, cement, grouts and mortars

fast setting concrete, cement and mortars for building, construction, repairs, grouting and bedding

Many jobs and projects have tight timescales where conventional materials would not gain strength or cure fast enough. Downtime for repairs and maintenance is costly so minimising it is critical. Choosing the right materials is key. High performance concretes, cements, grouts and mortars can offer massive time savings when compared with traditional materials. If you are not sure what materials you need, call us on 01925852225 to discuss your project specific requirements.

fast setting concrete

We stock a range a of rapid curing early-strength gain concretes such as Ultracrete FTC, Speedcrete S and NuGrout Flowable Concrete.  Uses include highways and carriageway repairs, rail network structural repairs, reinforced concrete repairs, car park and warehouse floor reinstatements, bridge deck and pier repairs, and bedding pre-cast beams. Fast setting concretes can be used for both small scale-repairs and large-scale reinstatements.  

Fast setting bedding and repair mortars

Fast setting repair mortars with rapid strength gain characteristics can be Rapid setting repair and bedding mortarstrafficked by vehicles in minutes rather than hours. They can be used for general purpose repairs, manhole, access covers and ironwork bedding to Department of Transport specifications; as well as for high strength rapid bonding of stonework, granite setts, flags, emergency repairs and bedding of kerbs. M90 M60 Febset 45 Epikerb Kerbfix Tufpatch FS 

fast setting repair mortars for cold and freezing temperatures

Many cementitious mortars cannot be used at low temperatures, so it is important to check the product data sheet for minimum temperature tolerances. Both M60 and M90 have consistent rapid strength gain at low temperatures. If temperatures drop below 0° C a fast setting repair mortar such as Febset 45 that is tolerant to temperatures of -20°C and below. 

fast-track fast-curing resin repair mortars

High strength rapid curing resin repair mortars are capable of withstanding heavy duty trafficking and can be used for applications where feather-edging is required. Tufpatch FS is a high performance epoxy resin bedding and repair mortar that can be used in a broad range of applications - including industrial floor repairs, concrete floor re-levelling, making good spalled concrete, step and slab-edge aris repairs; as well as bedding machinery, kerb and copings bedding, manhole and ironwork bedding, and bedding pre-cast concrete units. 

fast setting concrete floor repair materials

Damage to industrial, commercial and residential concrete floor slabs can be Fast set concrete floor repair mortars with rapid strength gainrepaired quickly with fast-track concrete repair mortars such as FTC M90 Speedcrete S Patchroc GP Sika Rapid Repair Mortar. Fast-setting concrete repair mortars with high early strength gain can allow even heavy duty industrial environments to become operational again in the shortest time possible. Floors and slabs repaired with M90 can be trafficked by vehicles in under two hours.

fast-setting mortars for vertical concrete repairs

Rapid repairs to vertical and overhead concrete surfaces and structures in can be carried out using Natcem 35 Sika Rapid Repair Mortar. They can be used for quick repairs to damaged concrete on columns, beams, parapet walls, steps, balconies, pre-cast concrete panels, concrete building facades and other concrete surfaces.

fast-setting repair materials for repairing potholes in concrete

Potholes in concrete surfaces both indoor and outdoor can be repaired quickly and be ready to accept traffic in a short space of time using FTC M90 Tufpatch FS Speedcrete S or Sika Rapid Repair Mortar.

regulation 31 approved fast-setting repair mortar for use with drinking water systems

DWI Regulation 31 approved (could be equivalent to WRAS approved Potable Drinking Water Rapid setting concrete repair mortars with Reg 31 and WRAS approval materials) rapid repair mortar can be used to carry out repairs to concrete in the vicinity of potable water systems subject to conditions laid out in the approval. This includes rapid repairs to reservoirs, culverts, dams, embankments, tanks, aqueducts, tunnels, pipes, water towers, canals, bridges, weirs and other water utilities structures. Rapid setting concrete repair mortars include NatCem 35

extra high strength fast setting mortars

When extra high strength is required, look for fast-setting repair mortars that meet the requirements of European Norm EN 1504 part 3 class R4. 


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