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European Standard EN1504

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The new approach to concrete protection and repair

Enormous efforts have been undertaken to improve the standards and recommendations surrounding protection and repair of concrete structures across the European Community. Each individual E. C. member has formerly used it’s own or utilised and modified standards from other sources. This has led to confusion and misinterpretation of methods and practices. It has also meant that direct comparisons of procedures, product performance and specification have not been possible.

Now after several years of intense activity the new European Standard EN 1504 has been produced and is set to replace existing individual national standards throughout Europe within two to three years.

Essentially the new European Standard EN 1504 comprises of 10 main standards and approximately 65 standards for test methods.

EN 1504 Part 1 Definitions
EN 1504 Part 2-7 Products
2 Surface protection for concrete
3 Repair mortars, structural and non structural
4 Structural bonding materials 
5 Concrete injection materials 
6 Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar 
7 Reinforcement corrosion protection
EN 1504 Part 8

Quality control and evaluation of conformity

EN 1504 Part 9 General principles for use the use of products and systems
EN 1504 Part 10 Site application of products and systems and quality control of the works

In addition approximately 65 standards offer test methods for the assessment of concrete protection and repair systems allowing direct comparison of product performance from all manufacturers.

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