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epoxy resin floor screeds

epoxy resin floor coatings and screeds for all applications

Our range of trowel applied epoxy resin flooring screeds is selected for excellent chemical resistance. Combining this quality with long term durability concrete floors overlaid with epoxy resin screeds can last a life time with little maintenance. A range of products is shown below

The anti-slip characteristic of an epoxy screed lends itself ideally to fork lift truck trafficking areas in heavy industrial environments such as engineering and processing plants. The high impact and dynamic load resistance makes such screeds invaluable in workshops, high volume loading bays, quaysides and have found extensive use in the car manufacturing industry.

Whilst epoxy resin flooring is extremely functional it can also be decorative as in the case of self smoothing epoxy floors laid with a high gloss finish. These types of floors provide hygienic surfaces in food preparation areas and clean rooms whilst combining the beneficial characteristics of resin flooring systems. Concrete floors, resin screeds and covings which have suffered damage can be effectively and economically repaired with high strength, colour matched resin mortars and concretes.

Examples of these systems are detailed below.

Epoxy Resin Floor Screeds

Resucrete is a very heavy duty epoxy floor screed that is highly Resucrete very heavy duty epoxy resin floor screedchemically resistant and can withstand very heavy impacts. Laid from 6-9mm it has high compressive and flexural strength. At 9mm it can withstand steam cleaning and pressure washing. Its surface finish gives an inherently slip-resistant surface. It can be supplied in a range of standard colours.

Resuscreed 45 a heavy duty epoxy resin screed with high chemical resistance. It is laid at 4-6mm, it can be used as a continuous resin floor screed, as a levelling or repair compound for existing concrete and resin floors. Available in a standard range of colours, it is suitable for workshops, battery rooms, food and drink processing, chemical processing and storage, and warehouse flooring.

Resuscreed 55 a flecked epoxy resin floor screed that can be laid from Resuscreed 55 heavy duty epoxy screed in decorative colours5 to 10mm available in a range of decorative colours. It is a hard wearing, abrasion and impact resistant floor finish suitable for both new and existing floors. It will adhere to suitably prepared concrete, wood and metal floor materials. It is easy to apply and easy to achieve a smooth finish. Resuscreed 55 can be used as a repair material, for localised repairs. It can be used to create falls for drainage purposes. It can also be used to create seamless coved skirtings around the perimeter of the floor and around any upstands or plinths. Suitable for use in supermarkets, retail outlets, showrooms, industrial units and warehouses amongst others. 

Pumascreed is a medium duty epoxy resin floor screed laid at 4-6mm and above for industrial areas subjected to heavy traffic but light chemical attack. It can be used to repair badly damaged floors as well as continuous floor finishes. Ideal for areas experiencing high levels of abrasion such as loading /unloading bays, processing and packaging areas, skip / silo / pallet storage areas, heavy machine workshops, engineering and manufacturing suites.

self-smoothing "self-levelling" epoxy floor screeds

Resuflor VF a self smoothing 2-3mm epoxy resin floor system Self-smoothing epoxy resin floor screed Resuflor VFavailable in decorative colours, which gives a high gloss finish. Resuflor VF has a very low VOC content. It is hygienic, has good chemical resistance and is hard wearing. It is well suited to laboratory floors, food factories, pharmaceutical production, showrooms, receptions, tv studios, printers, workshops, etc.


Pumaflow is a flowable self-smoothing epoxy resin floor screed laid atPumaflow epoxy resin self-smoothing floor screed in car showroom  2-3mm. It has good chemical, impact and abrasion resistance and suited for use in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. It provides a high gloss surface finish that is easy to clean, hygienic and durable. Pumaflow has been installed in hospitals, clean rooms, hotels, automotive facilities, print studios, retail showrooms, shops and offices.


Epoxy Resin Floor Repair

Tufpatch FS a feathered edge to 25mm plus, heavy duty concrete floor repair. Rapid curing and hardening system

Resupatch a feather edge to 25mm high strength epoxy resin repair for floor, kerb, joint, step repairs and bedding mortar.

Epicon Fast Set Mortar a feather edge to 25mm rapid curing, high strength epoxy resin repair mortar.;

Nitomortar S a 5-50mm heavy duty epoxy concrete reinstatement mortar. Exceptional wear and abrasion characteristics.

Pumarend LW is a lightweight epoxy mortar suitable for repairing voids in concrete beams, pre-cast concrete units, concrete structures and stonework.

Epoxy Resin Coving /Skirting

Pumarend LW is a lightweight epoxy mortar suitable for vertical applications such as forming coved skirtings, bund wall linings, plinths, drainage channels, upstands, gulleys and walls. Suitable for high hygiene and decontamination areas. Pumarend LW can be applied in layers of 2-25mm and is available in a range of standard colours. For wet areas or where chemical spillages are likely, seal with Pumatect V a highly chemical resistant epoxy resin coating suitable for wall and floor applications.

Resucove LW a 3 pack epoxy resin lightweight floor and wall coving render, also suitable for vertical upstands, plinths, bund walls and the like. Available in a standard range of colours.

Nitomortar HB a lightweight epoxy repair mortar for floors and walls. Good build and excellent chemical resistance.

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