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cleaning agents for the building & construction industry

Construction and industrial cleaning products for the removal of lichen, chewing gum, graffiti, resins, rust and tire marks in hard landscaping, external concrete structures, brickwork and blockwork. Products to ensure surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared prior to applying new materials. Also, cleaning agents for tools that have been used to apply resins and cements.

Cleaning agents & coatings

Lichen & moss removal & fungicidal washFungicidal Wash a non-toxic, non-irritant anti-fungicidal wash, with detergent properties designed to remove algae, lichen and moss from external surfaces.  Can be also be used to:

-to protect external surfaces against future fungal growth
-treat plaster to prevent biological growth during drying out process
-as a general fungicide on external surfaces
-to prevent the future growth and spread of dry rot on plaster, concrete or brick
-as a general sterilizing and cleaning agent for use in dairies, breweries, and food processing plants etc.

graffiti removalCleargard a clear two-part water-based, low odour, environmentally friendly anti-graffiti coating for both external and internal applications.  It is non-sacrificial, non-yellowing, weather resistant and effective on a wide range of surfaces.  It also protects against felt-tip marker pens and paint.

tire mark removalRS Tyre Mark Removal heavy duty cleaner for the removal of stubborn rubber deposits such as tyre marks on concrete floors, suitable for use on epoxy and uPVC coatings and screeds.

Nuwash a powerful solvent cleaner used to remove resin-based materials from tools and equipment.  Also used for the removal of R90, R90 Alum. and Curecote Super curing compounds from tools and equipment.

Chemclean an acid clearner for the removal of cement-based contamination and rust from a wide range of surfaces.

Pumaclean used in food processing environments, commercial kitchens, engineering and general industry as a powerful detergent for the removal of ingrained dirt, fats and grease from a wide range of hard surfaces. 

RS Oil Remover 

RS Industrial Cleaner

RS Fats & Grease Remover

RS Tool Cleaner


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