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Products for in-situ concrete at pouring and curing stages.


Materials to aid the production of high quality surface finishes to cast in-situ concrete.

Nulease WB - For use on timber and concrete formwork.  This water-based clear acrylic sealer is applied to concrete or timber formwork before pouring the concrete.  It protects the surface of the form work to ensure that the highest quality finish can be achieved. It is fast drying, non-yellowing, hard wearing and environmentally friendly. 

Nulease Varnish  - Seals and protects formwork to ensure that it can be reused several times, considerably increasing the lifespan of the formwork. Ideal for use when the highest quality finish is required.

Formfil - A polyester resin formwork repair paste to repair small and large surface imperfections on timber, GRP, plywood, phenolic-coated ply and metal concrete moulds. It sets rapidly to give an impact and abrasion resistant repair. It is also highly resistant to oils, water and concrete alkalis.


Chemlease - A tried and tested chemical release agent suitable for use on all types of formwork, on all types of cement in all types of climatic conditions. It doesn't work in the same way as traditional mould oils, instead it creates complex soaps at the interface between formwork and concrete surface. Chemlease greatly reduces blow holes and surface crazing, stripping times are reduced and limited cleaning is required.  WRAS approved.

Biolease Standard - An environmentally friendly, biodegradable concrete mould release agent made from vegetable oils emulsified in water.  It is non-staining so is suitable for use with white or coloured concretes. Low odour and approved by WRAS for use with potable/wholesome water and tested in accordance with BS6920:2000 

Formstrike WB -  An environmentally friendly, biodegradable concrete mould release oil emulsified in water. It is non-staining so is suitable for use with white or coloured concretes. WRAS approved.

Formstrike MRO - An oil-based economical release agent suitable for use on a variety of formwork materials. It gives optimum release and a stain-free surface finish to concrete.  Complies with the British Cement Association, Category 2.


Products to manage the rate of moisture loss in concrete to aid more efficient curing.

Chemcure S - An economical spray applied liquid curing membrane to control the rate of moisture evaporation in concrete. It contains metallic silicates in an aqueous solution and does not require removal once the concrete has achieved maximum hydration. It reduces the occurrence of hairline cracks and crazing associated with shrinkage and helps the concrete to achieve maximum strength, surface hardness and durability. It has been Approved by WRAS for use with potable/wholesome water, making it ideal for use on reservoirs and other water structures.

Chemcure R90 (& Chemcure R75)- A concrete curing membrane that creates a surface film capable of achieving 90% water retention efficiency or greater (75% or greater for Chemcure R75).  It helps the concrete to achieve maximum strength, surface hardness and durability; and reduces the occurrence of hairline cracks and crazing associated with shrinkage. ASTM C309.66 and HA Spec. clause 1027 compliant.

Chemcure R90 Alum - An aluminised concrete curing membrane. Made from inert hydrocarbons as the standard R90 above, but with the addition of aluminium flake pigment to maximise solar reflection. Still ASTM C309.66 and HA Spec. clause 1027 compliant.

Curecote Super - A clear styrene based concrete curing membrane and sealer.  It is designed for use on freshly cast concrete as a highly efficient curing membrane, which acts as an abrasion resistant long-term sealer / dust-proofer that can be left as a surface finish - it will also accept a wide range of finishes.  It can also be used as an anti-carbonation coating and dust-proofer / sealer for aged concrete floors.

Polysolve - Specifically developed to dissolve polystyrene formwork. 

Concrete Surface Retarders

Aquatard FWR - Brush-applied formwork retarding gel designed to produce an exposed aggregate finish. It provides an excellent key for the application of further concrete or surface treatments. It is non-flammable, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Aquatard TF - Spray applied topface retarder designed to produce an exposed aggregate finish on horizontal concrete surfaces. Aqueous (water-based), odourless, non-flammable, non-hazardous, ideal for underground concreting or areas of poor ventilation. It leaves a uniform depth of exposed aggregate, leaving an excellent key for additional pours or toppings.  


D-Bar - a one part bitumen-based debonding compound applied to dowel bars in movement joints applied by brush or dipping.


Nuproof - A flexible waterproof membrane for bridge abutments and external retaining walls.  It is a rubberised bituminous emulsion coating that adheres to most building materials including asphalt.  It forms a robust durable film with inherent flexibility that will not rupture during back filling. 

Chemclean - an acid cleaner for removing cement and rust from a wide range of surfaces.  Cleans mortar stains and efflorescence from brick and blockwork. Removes rust, concrete and mortar from plant and equipment.  It can also be used to etch concrete.

Nuwash - Solvent cleaner for tools cleaner to remove Chemcure R90, Chemcure R90 Alum and CurecoteS

Nufoam - grout check tape to prevent grout loss from open joints

Polysolve - a strong solvent for dissolving polystyrene formwork

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