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Our range of concrete repair products includes primers, cement and resin based systems to reinstate all forms of defective concrete.

Repairs to concrete in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.Products range from small repair i.e. steps, floors, ramps to full scale tower blocks and multi storey car parks.

Our product range also covers external repairs on roads and motorways, including highway furniture bedding.

Fast setting repair materials to allow for early trafficking i.e warehouses, loading bays are also available.

Cement / Polymer Repair Products For Columns, Beams, Soffits

Emaco Nanocrete Range AP, R2, R3, R4 / Nanocrete R4 Fluid / Nanocrete FC- a simple effective range of primer and concrete repair products for use on horizontal, vertical and overhead situations. All products meet the requirements of European Norm EN 1504.

Renderoc HB - A shrinkage compensated high build mortar used to repair concrete in overhead and on vertical surfaces. Can be applied at 50mm depth in a single application.

Renderoc LA / Ultracrete MC - For large section repairs typically in excess of 50mm. It is a flowing concrete with a high ultimate strength of 60N/mm2. Dtp spec.

Renderoc FC - For application in a thin 1-3mm layer used to resurface defective concrete e.g. spalling, honeycombing or blow holes.

Resin Repair Products For Aggressive Environments

Nitomortar HB - A high strength chemically resistant epoxy resin mortar. For overhead and vertical use in industrial and chemical installations.

Nitomortar S - A strong, abrasive resistant epoxy resin mortar for horizontal use and also suitable for thin section application for acid tanks and sea walls.

Nitomortar PE - A fast setting and hardening product ideal for repairing stair steps and risers. Suitable for all small precast concrete repairs.

Metobond 1:1 - An extremely strong epoxy resin putty/adhesive for fixing tiles, kerbs, copings. Brick cutting adhesive. Also used to join speciality bridge profiles and securing traffic calming devices.

Nitofil LV/TH - Epoxy resin injection system used to repair cracks in walls, floors and all concrete structures

Resupatch - Featheredge to 25mm. Fast set, high strength epoxy mortar ideal for floor, joint, kerb and sett repairs.

Resupatch HB - High build, chemical resistant epoxy resin mortar for overhead and vertical situations in aggressive environments.

Fast Set, Early Trafficking Repairs For Highways, Pavements and Roads. Products to BBA/HAPAS Standard.

Ultracrete M90 - Fast set cement based bedding mortar for manhole frames. Trafficable in 90 minutes. Faster grades available.

Ultracrete PY4/PY5 - Fast set polyester resin manhole bedding and repair mortar. Trafficable in 40 minutes.

Ultracrete IRR - An industrial permanent road repair tarmac for reinstatement up to the traffic surface after rebedding manhole frames. Also for repairs to damaged tarmacadam. Can be trafficked immediately. BBA/HAPAS approved.

Ultracrete QC6 - A fast set horizontal concrete repair for depths of 12-100mm. Rapid opening to traffic.

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