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General concrete patch repairs

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General Concrete Patch Repairs

Materials for all types of concrete repair including - high-strength, deep, thin, shallow, horizontal, vertical and overhead

We supply products that can be used for a variety of general concrete repairs.  Under this heading we would include:

    • repairing damaged floors, steps, slabs, pavements, yard, drivewaysRepairs to concrete steps, stairs, nosings and risers
    • small patch repairs and pothole / hole repairs in concrete slabs, both internal and external
      • repairs to arrises / corners of concrete floors, slabs, walls, joints, junctions etc.spalled movement joints (expansion / contraction joints)
      • repairs to risers, nosings, goings and re-levelling worn concrete steps and staircases
            • small patch repairs to concrete ramps, pavements, yards, drivewaysmaking up concrete level differences
            • to patch repair worn concrete floors
            • to make up level differences in localised areas


                • bedding kerb stones directly to macadam
                • bedding concrete kerbs and pre-cast concrete units

                • bedding manhole frames
                • repairing spalled concrete slabs


repair to pot hole in concrete slab general concrete repair to highways ironwork - bedding road gulley Concrete Repairs to wall and coping

These products can be used in heavy duty / heavy wear / heavily trafficked areas where resistance to abrasion, robustness, durability, impact resistance and chemical resistance are required.

repair depth / thickness

We supply products capable of repairing depths from feather-edged (0mm) to 500mm.  It is important to select the right product for the depth of repair, some products are not capable of being feather-edged, others cannot be used above a certain thickness because too much heat will be generated during the curing process.

For very shallow repairs see: Resupatch Epicon FS Mortar or Febflor Ultralay

For very deep repairs see: Conbextra TS, Ultracrete QC10 

For very fast-set concrete repair materials see: Febset 45 , Tufpatch FS, Febflor Ultralay, Ultracrete FTC, Ultracrete M90

general concrete repair products

Tufpatch FS - A great economical alternative to Watco Concrex.  A high strength, rapid hardening, 3-part (resin base, resin hardener & aggregate) epoxy resin patching and bedding mortar.  Excellent impact resistance and durability.  It can be used internally and externally and has good chemical resistance making it good for use in warehouses, printers, printworks, automotive industries, garages, forecourts, car-washes, pulp and paper manufactering plants and chemical plants - amongst many other industries and settings.  

repair depths - feather-edge to 25mm

strength - 87 N/mm² after 3 days (at 20°C) 85 N/mm² after 3 days (at 10°C)

coverage/yield - approx. 2m² per 20kg unit laid at 5mm thick (also available in 5kg units)

ready to traffic - after 6 hours

Resupatch - A 2-part epoxy resin repair mortar, comprising a hardner and a base pre-mixed with aggregate for ease-of-use.  Good chemical resistance, impact resistance and durability suitable for use in heavy duty environments.  Best practice to use Resuprime to coat the surface to be repaired prior to application.

repair depths - feather-edge to 25mm, can be layered for greater depths

strength - 80 N/mm² 

coverage/yield - approx. 2.5ltrs volume per 5kg unit (also available in 20kg units that yield 10 ltrs)

ready to traffic - light traffic after 24 hrs, heavy traffic after 72 hrs; a fast-set version is available that can be overlaid in 4 hrs

Pumaintain Repair Mortar - An easy to apply 3-part resin-rich repair mortar availble in natural or Mid Grey, Green, Red, Yellow and Chelsea Blue (chart).  It has a degree of flexibility which makes it highly impact resistant and good chemical resistance.  It can be applied to concrete or polymer-modified cementitious screeds.  It generally does not require surfaces to be primed and surfaces can be damp (but not wet).  If the surface to be repaired is exceptionally dry or porous it is recommended to prime with Pumaprime TC.

repair depths - 5-10mm

strength - 25MPa at 28 days

coverage/yield - approx. 1m² per 10kg unit laid at 5mm thick (also available in 5kg units)

ready to traffic - pedestrian traffic after 6 hrs, light traffic after 24 hrs, heavy traffic after 48 hrs; fully chemically resistant after 7 days.

Pumabulk - A 3-part polyurethane repair mortar with granite reinforcement for infills, creating level transitions, create falls on ramps or slabs, and general repairs.

repair depths - 10-60mm

strength - in excess of normal concrete

coverage/yield - 2kg/m² per 1mm thickness (available in 28.2kg units)

ready to traffic - pedestrian traffic after 8 hrs; overlaying window for resin floors 16-48 hrs; full cure after 7 days. ***highly dependent on thickness laid***

repairs to concrete slab edges and joints

Pumaintain Joint Repair Mortar - A rubber modified resin-rich polyurethane concrete designed specifically for slab edge repairs. Perfect for repairing spalled joints, damaged arrises (corners and edges) or tolerent enough to fill very low movement joints in concrete floors and slabs.  Good abrasion and chemical resistance. It is impact resistant and highly durable, able to withstand heavy trafficking by forklift trucks and other wheeled vehicles.  Availble in natural or Mid Grey, Green, Red, Yellow and Chelsea Blue (chart).  If the surface to be repaired is exceptionally dry or porous it is recommended to prime with Pumaprime TC.

coverage/yield - approx. 1m² per 10kg unit laid at 5mm thick (also available in 5kg units)

ready to traffic - pedestrian traffic after 6 hrs, light traffic after 24 hrs, heavy traffic after 48 hrs; fully chemically resistant after 7 days.

Epicon Fast Set Mortar - is a high strength rapid setting epoxy repair mortar, which can be used from 3mm-25mm, feather-edged where necessary and used inh 25mm layers where deeper sections are required. It is suitable for repairing spalled expansion joints.

concrete repairs in cold and freezing conditions

repairs in cold and freezing conditions

Febset 45 - can be used in temperatures as low as -20°C, it gains high early strength and repaired areas can be open to traffic after just 45 minutes at 20°C.  The material to be repaired must be damped-down with water but no primer is required.

repair depths - 20-100mm, greater than 100mm if a 10mm coarse aggregate is added

strength - 30 N/mm² after 1 hour, 55 N/mm² after 24 hrs, 70 N/mm² after 28 days

coverage/yield - approx. 11.4ltrs volume per 25kg unit

ready to traffic - setting time 15 mins at 20°C (35 mins at  8°C), ready to traffic after 45 mins at 20°C 

Epicon Fast Set Mortar - can be used in temperatures above 2°C to repair concrete floors, steps / stairs, spalled expansion joints, concrete roads and runways. 

thin / shallow depth concrete repairs

Thin shallow depth concrete repairs

Febflor Ultralay is an ultra-high strength modified cement powder.  Mixed with water it provides a rapid setting heavy duty levelling and resurfacing compound that can be used as a wearing surface both internally and externally.  

repair depths - 2-20mm

strength - provides a highly durable, abrasion resistant, robust, traffickable finished surface; suitable for vehicle traffic or can be overlaid.

coverage/yield - approx. 2.4m² per 20kg bag when mixed with 4 litres of water and laid at 5mm thick

ready to traffic - foot traffic after 2hrs, and can be over-tiled (if desired) after just 3hrs


thick / deep section concrete repairs

Ultracrete QC10 - is a rapid setting modified cement with graded aggregates that forms a high strength concrete suitable for thick section repairs.  It has a workability of approximately 5-10 minutes and sets after 15 minutes at 20°C.

repair depths - 20-250mm

strength - 12 N/mm² after 1 hour, 30 N/mm² after 24 hrs, 50 N/mm² after 28 days

coverage/yield - approx. 12 litres per 25kg bag when mixed with water 

ready to traffic -  sets after 15 minutes at 20°C, see strength for compressive strength up to 28 days

Conbextra TS - a thick section non-shrink grout used for infilling pre-cast sections and baseplate grouting.  It is a flowable material that requires leak-proof shuttering during installation.  

repair depths - 75-500mm

strength - 45 MPa 

coverage/yield - approx. 12 litres per 20kg bag when mixed with water 


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