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Fast setting concrete for thick section repairs in one pour

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High Early Strength Gain / fast setting concrete for thick section repairs in one pour

Rapid set concrete with 10 minute working time, 20 minute cure time, ready to traffic after 2 hours - QC10

Some non-shrink concrete repair products can only be laid thickly / in deep sections in layers, however here are two products suitable for deep / thick section applications.

ultracrete qc10

Ultracrete QC10 is a fast curing shrinkage compensated concrete that can be laid from 30-250mm. It has a trowelable consistency, but it has a sister product Ultracrete QC10F, which has a flowable consistency for applications requiring a pourable grout. Compressive strength after 2 hours is approx. 20N/mm², 50N/mm² after 28 days. It can be used to fill deep sections, back-filling, creating haunchings, bedding highways ironwork such as access chamber frames and heavy duty post fixing.

nugrout flowable concrete

Nugrout Flowable Concrete is also suited to deep / thick section repairs and should be laid at MINIMUM layer thickness of 50mm. It is a self-compacting, highly flowable / pourable, modified cementitious micro concrete. Nugrout Flowable Concrete can be poured, pumped or vibrated. Good tolerance to vibration and impact make it an excellent choice for grouting heavy machinery, turbines, highways, network rail and bridge deck structures. Other applications include bedding pre-cast concrete beams and repairing reinforced concrete structures, it has excellent bond strength to both existing concrete and to steel. Nugrout Flowable Concrete complies with the requirements of the Department of Transport Standard BD27/86 Clause 4, and the requirements of BS EN1504 Part 3 Class R4. Compressive strength after 24 hours is approx. 20N/mm², 65N/mm² after 28 days.


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