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Our extensive range of concrete floor repair mortars and screeds can eliminate all problems associated with poor and damaged trafficable surfaces. By reducing the likelihood of accidents to pedestrians and damage to vehicles, costs and claims can be minimised.

We supply products to repair trip hazards, potholes, uneven floors and damaged concrete hard standings.

We can advise on the correct products for individual situations, be it poor internal warehouse floors, chemical process and production floors, and external distribution / storage yards.

Our products range from basic pothole fillers to sophisticated chemical resistant concrete floor repair mortars and screeds.

Products are available in a variety of setting and hardening times to minimise ‘down time’ in production, process and highly trafficked areas.

We can offer solutions to meet all client’s budgets.

If you are looking to address the following problems associated with the repair of your concrete floors we can help.

  • Worn stair treads, steps and risers
  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Broken expansion joints
  • Frost damaged external concrete slabs
  • General damage and potholes
  • Manhole surround damage
  • Chemical attack
  • Impact damage

Also see our Concrete Floor Repair Methods section for application tips and tricks to make the perfect repair.

Fast set repair mortars and screeds


Resupatch Featheredge to 25mm fast set, high strength epoxy resin mortar with good chemical resistance Also used for as a bedding mortar

Tufpatch FS Featheredge to 25mm rapid set, early traffic grade epoxy mortar with good chemical resistance.

Nitomortar PE 5 to 12mm rapid set repair mortar for small floor infills, bolt hole, step and crack repairs. Traffic reinstatement within 1 hour.

Resuscreed 43 3 to 15mm economical epoxy resin, movement joint repair and screed replacement. Available as a self coloured mortar. Ideal for repairs to floors in chemical plants, workshops, breweries, acid battery stores and warehouses.

Febflor Ultralay 2 to 20mm free-flowing, fast-setting heavy duty levelling and resurfacing compound. Suitable for interior and exterior use, it is both water and frost resistant.  It is ultra-durable and abrasion resistant, capable of withstanding vehicular traffic.  It can be used as a final wearing surface or as an underlayment, which can be tiled-over, painted or covered with other floor finishes.  It is a 1-part cement-based material that is mixed with water; it's fast-setting, rapid-hardening nature, means that it can be trafficked by pedestrians after 2 hrs and tiled after 3 hrs.

Mapegrout SV 10-50mm (+50mm with Gravel 6/10) a flowable shrinkage-compensated repair mortar that can be mixed in to a fluid to a super fluid consistency.  It is fast-setting, rapid hardening with a high resistance to abrasion suitable for very heavy duty and extremely heavy duty industrial floors and yards.

Pumaintain Joint Repair a unique resin repair mortar for arriss and joint repair. Self priming and flexible.

Pumaintain Floor Repair a low odour resin concrete repair mortar. Resin rich for easy to use characteristics. Excellent physical properties provide the highest order of durability, impact and abrasion resistance.

Nitomortar S 3 to 50mm epoxy resin repair mortar and floor screed. Good working time for larger areas. High ultimate strength and excellent chemical resistance.

Resuscreed 45 4 to 6mm heavy duty epoxy resin screed. Its high chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and durability make it a great choice in areas such as engineering workshops, chemical production and processing plants, aerospace aeronautical and automotive production facilities, printing works and industrial workshops. Resuscreed 45 can also be used as an impact resistant repair material and levelling screed.

Ultracrete FTC 10mm - 80mm floor patch repair, screed and hardstanding reinstatement. Open to traffic in 4 hours with good working time. High final strength for industrial applications.

Epicon Fast Set Mortar 3-25mm layers a rapid curing high strength heavy duty epoxy mortar with excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, asphalt and steel. It does not need a primer, can be feather-edged and can be applied at temperatures above 2°C. Epicon FS provides a durable concrete repair with excellent durability and resistance to abrasion. It can be trafficked after a few hours.

Patchroc 12mm - 100mm patch repair. May be filled out with aggregate for deep sections. Open to traffic in 2 hours.

Paveroc 12mm - 100mm floor and screed reinstatement. Open to traffic in 12/24 hours.

Ultracrete QC6 12-100mm rapid set cement based mortar for repair of steps, floors, foot paths, roads and runways . Open to traffic 2 hours.

Resufil and Pumabulk economical polyurethane resin repair concretes for bulk filling prior to resin screeding.

Ultra Rapid Repair Mortars and Screeds

Ultracrete M90 a rapid set mortar for general concrete repairs, benching and manhole frame reinstatement. Sets in 10mins.

Mapegrout SV a quick setting, easy pour, controlled shrinkage mortar/grout for resurfacing concrete, fixing manhole frames and road work fittings in place. Can be poured into formwork for structural repairs and can be bulked out with aggregate for deep section repairs.

Emaco T454 (formerly Febset45) - 20mm+. ultra rapid hardening mortar for repairs in cold stores and freezer rooms. Suitable for repairs as low as minus 18C Open to traffic in 1 hour. Ideal for cold weather working on concrete hardstandings. motorways and airport runways.

EMACO® Fast Fibre Flowable, fast setting and hardening, fibre reinforced road repair and nosing mortar for exposure to very high traffic loads

EMACO® Fast Fluid Fluid or flowable, fast setting and hardening, bedding and repair mortar. Upto150mm depths achievable

EMACO® Fast Tixo ultra fast setting and hardening, plastic bedding and repair mortar. Can be used at temperatures down to minus 10C.

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