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Repair of Concrete Floor Cracks - Injection Method

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How to repair fine cracks in concrete using injection resin

injection method - injecting epoxy resin in to cracks

This method can be used for repairing fine and hairline cracks in concrete floors, slabs, walls, panels, columns, beam, soffits, kerbs and other concrete features on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces to consolidate the structural element and eliminate water penetration. It can also be used for cracks in masonry and brickwork.


  • Clean out all debris from the crack by raking or high pressure air line.
  • Adhere the injection flanges at 300mm centres to the concrete surface with the surface sealer/ adhesive directly over the crack. Use a rod to locate the crack and keep the flange aperture free from adhesive. Seal the rest of the exposed crack.
  • Mix the resin and fill the empty cartridge. Inject the resin via the plastic hose and flange into the crack and work along the crack from flange to flange. Fill until no more resin is accepted.
  • When the resin has hardened knock of the flanges and grind the concrete to a smooth finish if necessary.

Parent concrete
Surface crack sealer / adhesive
Fluid resin


Epicon Injection Resin LV 

Injection kit - formfil (crack sealer / adhesive), plastic tubing, injection flanges, skeleton gun (cartridge gun), empty cartridges and nozzles

Epicon Injection Resin Thixo - a thixotropic version 

Nitofil LV

Nitokit Surface Sealant


Mastic cartridges (empty) and nozzles
Plastic tubing / hose
Injection flanges
Cartridge gun
Cleaning solvent

Filler (crack sealer / adhesive) for adhering flanges in to position and covering the face of the crack to prevent resin pushing out of the crack on to the surface

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