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Manhole Frame Replacement

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How to bed, repair and replace manhole frames, ICs and other ironwork

ironwork reinstatement methodology - Install new, replace damaged or re-bed existing ironwork

Install new, replace damaged or re-bed existing ironwork (including manholes) & repair damaged surrounding surfaces.

Typical damage to road surfaces where manhole bedding has failed

MANHOLE reinstatement / repair METHOD

  • Make a rectangular saw cut in the road surface approximately 200mm from the frame edge. Remove the frame and all damaged tarmac, concrete and bedding mortar.
  • Make good the seating and bed the frame with fast setting repair mortar. Allow the bedding mortar to set then fill up to within 50mm of the traffic surface with fast setting repair concrete and allow to harden.
  • Spray prime all vertical surfaces and apply replacement tarmac to excess.
  • Compact the replacement tarmac back to the traffic surface level and reopen to traffic.

DIAGRAM: Failing / damaged manhole or ironwork surround
Damaged manhole frame surround

DIAGRAM: New manhole bedding or ironwork reinstatement solution
Rebedded frame with replacement concrete and resurfacing

Manhole frame cover
Collapsed bedding mortar and seating
Replacement bedding mortar and concrete
Replacement traffic surface


MANHOLE bedding and repair MATERIALS


Ultracrete M90 - fast setting, high early strength, non-shrink, cementitious repair and bedding mortar that can accept traffic after approx. 90mins curing time

Ultracrete M60 - rapid strength gain, shrinkage compensated repair and bedding mortar allows for roads to be open to traffic after 60 minutes curing time

Ultracrete PY4/PY5 - fast setting polyester resin bedding and repair mortar (2-component, base + hardener) suitable for very heavy traffic load and ductile ironwork, gullies and street furniture.


Ultracrete QC10 - a rapid setting high early strength gain non-shrink concrete for thick section repairs, bedding and haunching.


Ultracrete IRR - instant road repair, cold lay asphalt concrete, air-cure, compact into hole and can be trafficked instantly. 6mm aggregate

Ultracrete PPR - permanent pothole repair, cold lay asphalt concrete, air-cure, compact into hole and can be trafficked instantly. 10mm aggregate

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VIDEO: HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System

SECTOR: Highways for more manhole bedding and ironwork reinstatement products

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