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Full Depth Concrete Floor Repair

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How to Repair Full Depth Damaged Concrete Floors and Slabs

Repairing localised areas where the concrete slab has failed through to sub-base

Typical full depth damage in a concrete floor or yard

Typical full depth damage in a concrete slab

For localised repairs where the concrete has failed down to the sub-base e.g. collapsed floor slab intersections


Method for Full Depth Slab Repair

  • Saw cut square the perimeter of damaged area and break out defective concrete leaving only sound concrete.
  • Re-compact the sub-base and replace any DPM.
  • Drill and fix dowel bars with resin anchor grout to tie the repair to the existing concrete where appropriate and place fibreboard to reform the movement joint.
  • For free standing repair place fibreboard round the perimeter of repair to separate it from the original. No dowels are needed.
  • Prime the sides of the repair area for tied repairs.
  • Mix and compact the repair concrete finishing level with the traffic surface.
  • Allow to harden and cut the fibreboard to form a recessed joint if required.
  • Install joint sealant and allow to cure before trafficking.

Diagram: Instructions, tips & tricks for repairing full depth damage to concrete floor slab

Saw cut
Parent concrete
Collapsed sub-base
Compacted sub-base
Concrete repair
Joint Sealant




Materials for Full Depth Repairs

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Resin Anchor Grout


Anchorset Green 300


Repair Primer
Dependent on repair medium


Repair Concrete Type

Ultracrete FTC

Renderoc LA

MasterEmaco T545


Joint Sealant Primer
Dependent on sealant


Joint Sealant Type

Thioflex 600

Colpor 200 PF

Nitoseal PU800

Nitoseal MS300 


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