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Cold Store, Freezer and Chill Room Floor Repair

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Repairing Blast Chiller, Freezer, Refrigerator & Cold Store Floors

TIPS, ADVICE for repairing concrete floors in freezers & WHICH PRODUCTS TO USE

Damage to cold store floors, blast chillers and chill room floors can be extremely problematic. Disruption of fork lift traffic in aisles and door thresholds, uneven surfaces causing damage to vehicles and personnel accidents can lead to many industrial problems.

The expense of bringing a even a small cold store area back to a normal temperature for repair can be astronomical in terms of relocation of produce, freezer down time, re-chilling and restocking.

Odour from floor repair resins retained in enclosed areas can result in contamination of stored goods rendering them unsellable. If undetected this can lead to client claims.

However, it is possible to repair cold store floors at below zero temperatures using specialized products avoiding the pit falls mentioned.

Also, surprisingly, cold store floor repairs can be achieved effectively and economically without raising the temperature.


For Repairs Down to Minus 20°C

Emaco T545  a tried and tested magnesia phosphate repair mortar and concrete for thin (min 20mm) and full depth repairs. Very easy to mix without specialist equipment. Rapid set for early trafficking.

Febset 45 a user friendly rapid setting mortar and concrete for use in sub zero temperatures. Simple mixing with standard building tools. Water activated.

Sikaset 45 a specialized cold store and external concrete floor repair. Very fast hardening time to accept fork lift traffic.

For Repairs Down to Minus 10°C

Emaco Fast Tixo a rapid cure, bedding and repair mortar for use in temperatures below zero °C. 10 – 100mm thickness.

Emaco Fast Fibre an ultra rapid hardening repair mortar and flowable grout. Designed for exposure to extreme traffic in concrete joint and nosing repairs in difficult low temperatures. 10 – 100mm thickness.

Emaco Fast Fluid a flowable or fluid repair system for low temperature repairs and in situation of limited access. 10 – 100mm thickness. Can also be used to resurface large external areas.

For Repairs Down to 2°C

Epicon Fast Set Mortar a high early strength, rapid setting, repair mortar for floors, steps. It provides a non-slip abrasion resistant surface.


Solvented methyl methacrylate (MMAs) resins can be applied and cured at sub-zero temperatures. By adding an aggregate to the to the resin during application, either broadcast over and back rolled or added at mixing stage depending upon the product, the freezer floor surface can be made anti-slip. However, they are not suitable for every job. They emit a strong odour in their pre-cured state that can taint the products you are storing in your cold store, fridge or freezer. This is especially true in the food & beverage industry, where food consumables are being stored, any tainted product could not be sold and would need to be disposed of. 

Another alternative is a polyaspartic resin floor coating, again aggregates can be added to the mix or broadcast and back rolled.  The polyaspartics are non-solvented and will not taint other materials.  Some products can be applied at temperatures as low as -10°C, but mainly between 0-5°C. We recommend you try the product in a small test area to understand how the coating behaves at low temperatures and how long it takes to cure, curing times will be effected by temperature and ventilation of the area.

For areas where temperatures cannot be raise above -20°C and are sensitive to solvents, such as food storage or preparation and other non-taint products, consider using SlipGrip GRP slip-resistant flat sheets. The sheets come in 2.4m x 1.2m sheets which can be cut down to suit or butt jointed with adjoining sheets and mechanically fixed to the existing floor. There are two grades, Heavy Duty and Standard. They are quick to install with no post-installation downtime waiting for curing that you would get with a coating. For further details see SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheets


Tips - Cold Store Floor Repair

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