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Our range of concrete repair mortars and associated products cover every situation of concrete defect. Selected from several highly respected national manufacturers we can offer advice on full systems or one off solutions to meet the spectrum of concrete repairs and maintenance.

Bonding primers are often required to adhere concrete repair mortars to the prepared background. These vary from the type of repair mortar and the condition of the structure to be repaired.

Compound SBR : a rubber latex mixed to slurry form with cement

Nitobond AR/ HAR : acrylic resin based liquids for cement based general purpose and high build mortars.

Resuprime ST (formerly called Resuprime NT and Resuprime WB) : two-part epoxy resin liquid primer for new to old concrete, and epoxy resin based repair products.

Steel reinforcement treatments applied to cleaned exposed metal to protect against corrosion.

Nitoprime Zincrich : a fast easy to use coating prior to concrete repair.

Galvafroid : a self finish or durable rust inhibiting primer under selected top coats.

Nanocrete AP

Repair mortars
The full Renderoc, Parex Tecroc, Sika and Emaco Nanocrete ranges of product cover:

  • General purpose high strength repairs
  • Over head high-build situations
  • Reprofiling mortars and renders
  • Mass infill concretes
  • Fairing coats to cover blow holes and honeycombing.
  • Resin crack repair systems.
  • Decorative and protective paint systems.

We have the answer to all concrete repair problems to meet every budget and all specifications.Contact us for your solution or visit our Concrete Repairs pages.


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