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Choosing the right floor finish for a micro-brewery, brewery or distillery

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Choosing the right floor finish for a micro-brewery, brewery or distillery

Traditionally ceramic or red quarry tiles have been used in commercial kitchens and food production areas.  However,  tiles can easily be chipped or cracked when heavy objects are dropped and grout joints are difficult to keep clean.

Seamless flooring as suggested by the description does not have material joints that can attract dirt and harbour microbes.  Resin flooring provides a seamless finish including integral coved skirtings if required, which reduces the risk of dirt and grease building-up and wall and floor junctions.

Both epoxy and polyurethane resin screeded floors offer good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.   They are impervious also provide a hygienic finish that won't support microbial growth.   However, if steam cleaning is likely to be carried out then a polyurethane screed must be used instead of an epoxy resin floor, which will not tolerate such high temperatures and will fail.

Like epoxy resins, polyurethane resins offer good impact protection, durability, excellent chemical resistance, and resistance to dynamic loads and abrasion caused by forklift trucks and trolleys; but they also perform at high temperatures and extreme thermal cycling, such as during steam cleaning.

Suitable polyurethane resin floor screeds for micro-breweries, breweries and distilleries:

Resuthane TG69

Pumadur HF

Polyurethane resin wall/floor coved skirtings can be formed in:

Resuthane JT40

Pumador CG

Jointing materials for movement joints in a polyurethane resin floor:

****It is imperative that movement joints in the concrete floor are not coated over with the polyurethane floor finish****  A joint must be formed in the floor finish directly on top of the concrete movement joint and filled with a jointing compound such as:

Resujoint a polyurethane high movement joint sealant

Resujoint P epoxy/polyurethane low movement joint sealant designed to take direct traffic


Example polyurethane floor installation for a brewery 1:

Polyurethane floor for brewery using TG69

standard colour options for Resuthane (other colours are available on request)

Example polyurethane floor installation for a brewery 2:

Arcon polyurethane floor installation for a brewery using Pumadur

standard colour options for Pumadur (other colours available on request)

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