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CASE STUDY: Water Treatment Plant Concrete Repairs

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CASE STUDY: Water Treatment Plant Concrete Repairs

PROJECT: Concrete Repairs at Water Treatment Plant

Arcon were asked to specify and supply materials to repair the edge of a circular sedimentation tank at a water treatment plant.  The arm that rotates around the tank is supported at the perimeter by a wheel which rests on the concrete lip of the tank's outer wall.  As the arm rotates the wheel circles the same path rotation after rotation.  Eventually the wheel had eroded away the surface, cutting a track into the lip of the concrete tank.  As the erosion continued the track became deeper and deeper, eventually destabilising the armature and effecting its smooth operation.  The edge of the tank needed to be repaired to infill the track and create a smooth level surface for the wheel to travel on.

Arcon Water Treatment Works Concrete Repair During

The concrete was prepared by saw cutting either side of the eroded concrete to a suitable depth around the full perimeter.  The damaged concrete was then removed and the base was scabbled to provide a good key for the repair materials.

The sides and base of the newly cut channel were first primed with Resuprime, an epoxy resin primer.

Arcon Water Treatment Works Concrete Repair Finished 1

Resufil, a polyurethane resin bulk repair material, was selected as the repair material because it is highly durable and economical.  Conditions during the application were dry and approx. 18˚C.

The tank was back in operation within 24hrs.

Arcon Water Treatment Works Concrete Repair Finished 2






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