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CASE STUDY: Sea Wall Flood Defence Extension

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CASE STUDY: Sea Wall Flood Defence Extension

PROJECT: Grouting & anchoring new pre-cast concrete sections on to existing sea wall

Sea wall flood defence extension / expansion

Flood defences are a critical concern across the UK.  Failure or lack of flood defences entirely can lead to catastrophic disruption to people’s lives, homes, businesses, infrastructure, travel & transport.  The cost of repairing the damage caused by floods can be immense.

This project sought to enhance flood defences to prevent damage and flooding on Ayrshire Coast Line rail route.  The rail tracks run along the coast just a few metres back from the sea wall.  In recent years, storms have caused waves to crash over the sea wall disrupting rail services and damaging infrastructure. 

Engineers designed wave-shaped precast concrete units that could be fitted to the top of the existing sea wall to deflect waves back out to sea. 

 Saltcoats sea wall flood defence extension diagramSaltcoats sea wall flood defence extension photo edit

Pockets were drilled into the existing sea wall and steel starter bars were anchored in with a strong epoxy anchor grout.   The precast units were then slotted down on to the sea wall bedded on to a non-shrink grout.  Non-shrink grout was then pumped into the annulus between the steel dowel bars and the preformed pockets in the precast units.    



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