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CASE STUDY: Puppy Kennels Construction

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CASE STUDY: Resin Floor Finishes to new puppy kennels

PROJECT: New hygienic seamless resin floor screed to puppy kennels

New resin floor screed in puppy kennels - preparation

These puppy kennels were formed with a proprietary (pre-formed designed for purpose) kennel partitioning system, which incorporated access to outside pen areas too. The partition walls can be easily cleaned and can be hosed down. The concrete floor has an integrated channel drain that runs across the bottom of the kennels to collect grey water from cleaning.  A new sand-cement screed was laid on the floor and left to cure.  The client then contacted Arcon for advice on the best floor finish for the kennels.  Arcon recommended using a 6mm polyurethane resin screed, which provided an impervious finish with excellent resistance to chemical attack from liquids like puppy urine and harsh cleaning products.  The resin screed provides excellent robustness, durability and longevity. It is a through coloured material, available in a range of standard colours, which can be cleaned with hot water or even steam cleaners if required. Arcon also recommended a local flooring contractor who could lay the resin screed for the client. Because the screed was to be laid on a sand-cement screed that still had a high moisture content, Arcon recommended using a liquid DPM (damp-proof membrane) as a primer, which regulates the rate of moisture release from the sand-cement screed and stops it from inferring with the performance of the resin screed.    

New resin floor screed in puppy kennels - finished

One 6mm layer of polyurethane screed was then trowel applied on to the liquid DPM.  The client chose a light grey resin screed colour called 'stirling', which provides high visual constrast with the dark green walls.  The end product is a semi-gloss through coloured surface, which is self-sealed and has an inherent slip-resistant finish.   


RS Dampshield - a liquid applied damp proofer applied to the concrete floor slab to regulate moisture loss from the sand cement screed, and also act as a primer for the application of the polyurethane resin screed.

Resuthane TG69 - a high build polyurethane resin screed with inherent slip-resistant matt finish

Colour chart for Resuthane TG69



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