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CASE STUDY: Concrete Manhole Cover Repairs

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CASE STUDY: repairs to concrete infills in iron manhole covers

PROJECT: Repairs to concrete infills in iron manhole covers in busy service yard

The concrete infills to the iron inspection covers to ducts in a busy distribution yard at a chemical plant had failed over time.  The concrete had cracked, come loose and been chipped away after constant trafficking by heavy wagons and forklift trucks.  There were several runs of ducts across the site all with the same problem.  Some of the infills had been repaired in the past but the repairs had also failed.  Arcon specified and supplied an epoxy repair material with excellent bond strength to concrete and metal.  Epoxys are often used in situations where vibration is a factor and in this case the repair needed to stand-up-to vehicular vibrations and dynamic loading.

Preparation of the manhole covers to remove all loose concrete

Before carrying out the repairs the covers must be prepared.  Ideally all of the existing concrete infill should be removed. However, this is often difficult; so as long as all loose, cracked and failing concrete is removed down to a solid, firmly adhered base the repair should be successful.  All surfaces that the repair material is to be applied to must be clean and free of any dust, dirt, grease and loose particles.

The epoxy repair material should be finished a couple of millimeters below the level of the iron frame.  

Finishing above the level of the frame will not affect the integrity of the repair but may not look as neat, as shown in the photograph above.

Repairs were also carried out to similarly damaged manhole covers across the site.  The next job is to repair the macadam to the roadway either side of the manhole covers.


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