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Anti-slip Floor Paints and Hygienic Coatings

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Anti-slip Floor Paints and Hygienic Coatings


Factory floors are subjected to the greatest amount of abuse and require the most amount of maintenance in any part of the industrial building fabric. They also need the greatest of consideration when choosing the correct covering for each environment.

Hard-wearing, easily cleaned, attractively coloured and anti-slip, floor paints combined with high resistance to chemical attack are just some of the criteria for production assembly areas, workshops, dairies and food processing plants.

Our association with several internationally respected manufacturers offers a wide range of floor paints, anti slip coatings and hygienic coverings ideally suited to both new build situations and industrial floor refurbishment.

Products such as:

Resucoat HB - solvent free high specification epoxy resin coating giving excellent chemical resistance. Perfect for floors in manufacturing and food industries.

When considering the application of a floor coating anti slip floor paints are of particular importance in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and the traction of vehicles whether they be forklift trucks or mobility carriages. Also anti slip paints are of particular importance in wet working areas and where chemical spillage is likely. By incorporating fine or coarse particles into two-pack epoxy resin paints, varying degrees of slip resistance can be achieved. These highly durable products are ideally suited to warehouses, traffic aisles, walkways, and access ramps.

To guard against bacterial attack and fungal growth tough coatings are required. They need to resist demanding cleaning regimes and a variety of maintenance chemicals.

Nitocote FC130 - a hard wearing, easily cleaned, attractive floor coating provides a hygienic impervious finish ideal for kitchens, breweries and food handling areas.

Resuseal WB - a durable two component coating available in an attractive range of colours in both matt and gloss finishes.

Resuseal WB Wall Coating - a coloured gloss finish hygienic sealer and coating for wall and floors. Specifically designed for use in kitchens, food processing areas and light industry.

We have systems ranging from simple to use hygienic coatings to highly chemically resistant formulations for the specialist applicator.

Resutop LV – specifically designed floor coating for aircraft hangars. Excellent resistance to aggressive SKYDROL hydraulic fluids and oils.

The majority of our systems are simple and easy to apply by brush or paint roller generally needing no special skills. Virtually odourless and non-flammable coatings are available for many applications.

For less demanding areas such as garage floors and storerooms, floor protection and decoration can be achieved using one pack quick drying paints to give safe slip resistant surfaces.

Polyurethane Tile and Floor Paint - offers the quick simple solution to upgrade tiled floors, screeds and concrete surfaces.


Slip Resistant interior floor surfacesConcrete floor sealers, hardeners and dust proofersFloor Finishes, Paints, Resin Coatings & ScreedsProducts by SECTOR Stair anti-slip riser and tread trims for slip-resistance and aesthetics.


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