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Anti Slip Tile Treatment

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Slip resistant coating for tiles

anti-slip clear coating for tiles - great for wet areas, swimming pool surrounds, shopping centres, commercial and domestic applications


The following information will provide you with an initial introduction to Safe Grip an “anti-slip” treatment which can be applied to a variety of surfaces greatly reducing the risk and danger of slips and falls when wet. The increased coefficient of friction produced when surfaces are treated with Safe Grip is a proven safety solution for owners of residential, commercial and industrial properties and facilities. The slip resistance of wet or moist surfaces are immediately improved when treated with Safe Grip

Safe Grip significantly increases the coefficient of friction on wet surfaces.

Safe Grip anti-slip solution can be applied to the majority of hard porous surfaces such as concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo and terrazzo tiles, quarry tiles, marble, stone and enamel baths/shower trays.

The application of the treatment is quick and easy and does not require expensive equipment:

On larger projects Safe Grip can be applied through a contracting service. Applications are carried out by one of our approved contractors.

Please note: Some surfaces may require a second application to bring the slip resistance to the desired level.

Once the treatment is complete keep the surface clean using good housekeeping procedures, normal cleaning agents will not affect the performance of the product but do not apply wax based polishes or sealants.

Once treated with Safe Grip areas such as showers and baths etc. will have an effective slip resistance for up to 3 years; areas subjected to regular traffic will usually require re-treatment after 2 years.

Typical applications of Safe Grip include areas within Sports Stadiums; Leisure Complex’s; Hotels; Swimming Pools; Schools & Colleges; Retail Outlets such as Supermarkets & D I Y stores; Public Buildings and generally anywhere a wet surface produces a serious risk of slipping.

Three basic steps is all it takes:-

1. Thoroughly clean & rinse the surface. Pour on the Safe Grip solution.
2. Spread the Safe Grip liberally and evenly using a mop or sponge and allow to stand for approximately 8 to 12 minutes.
3. Rinse off with clean water, the area is now ready for immediate use.




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