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Anti Slip Steps Treads and Nosings

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slip resistant stair treads, nosing, landing plates and flat sheets

anti-slip safety edging and tread covers FOR NEW STAIRS AND STEPS AND RETRO-FIT

Highly visible, anti slip, stair treads, nosings and ramp surfacings. Manufactured in the U. K. with quality Glass Reinforced Polyester, resin and aluminium oxide grit.  Provides DDA, Building Regulations and Health & Safety Regulations compliance.


Slipgrip grp anti-slip sheet outdoor slippery rampAs an employer or property owner, Health and Safety regulations demand that you make environments "as safe as possible". This means that you can be held legally liable for slips or trips due to slippery or worn pedestrian areas. Even brand new metal treadplates, frequently fitted as a 'safe' flooring to fire escapes and walkways, actually becomes excessively slippery with a slick of mud, oil or water; wood and stone are equally dangerous when rain comes into contact with even a light coating of algae. Then, of course, there are the dangers of the cracks and cavities which appear over time in materials like stone and cement, particularly after the harsh winters we have experienced recently in the UK. The solution is SlipGrip, a GRP (fibreglass) anti-slip floor covering which is suitable for pedestrian, forklift and vehicle traffic areas, requires little surface preparation and can be used within an hour of installation.


Slipgrip grp anti-slip sheet metal spiral staircaseEdgeGrip is suitable for use on any form of uneven concrete area as well as ramps, platforms, gangways, footbridges, decking and marinas. It is made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and resin impregnated with an aluminium oxide grit, meaning that the grit – the non-slip element – won’t wear off. GRP is lightweight, so it’s easy to handle, yet very, very strong: in fact, on a weight for weight basis it’s seven times stronger than mild steel. It has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics, which means that it won’t bow or warp in extreme temperatures; it won’t rust or corrode either, and it enjoys excellent flexural strength which can be further enhanced with the addition of a woven reinforcement if required. A choice of coarse ('E' for external use) and medium ('I' for internal use) grades of grit means that there is an ideal solution for any application, old or new – the coarser the grit, the greater the grip.


Applying visually contrasting nosings to steps and stairs both internally and externally is a Building Regulations requirement for new steps and stairs; it will also help you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, by helping staff and visitors with visual impairments identify, navigate and negotiate steps.  

edgegrip - step / stair nosing edging strip

Ant-slip stair step nosings retro-fit metal stair

EdgeGrip is a GRP edging strip for indoor and outdoor steps and stairs.  DDA and Building Regs compliant. It comes in two different grades 'I' for internal use, which has a standard sized grit, and 'E' for external use, which has a heavier grit for greater slip resistance.  The grip come in two colours, yellow and white.  For Light Reflectance Values (LRVs), Slip Resistance Values, lengths, profile sizes, and fixing details see the EdgeGrip Data Sheet

EdgeGrip Glow - step / stair nosing edging strip

EdgeGrip Glow glow-in-the-dark stair nosing strip

EdgeGrip Glow is version of the EdgeGrip stair nosing strips that have been enhanced with a photoluminescent resin enabling the strips to glow in the dark in the event of a sudden power failure.  During daylight hours the strip appears to be either off-white or yellow, depending upon colour choice, providing good colour contrast with darker floor finishes.  It provides enhanced safety and fire evacuation in the event of poor light or power failure.  Available in two grades for indoor or outdoor use, it can be fitted to new steps and stairs, or retrofitted, to virtually any standard material - concrete, stone, tile, metal, wood/timber etc.

Edge Grip Ali - aluminium step / stair nosing edging strip

EdgeGrip Ali aluminium new and retro-fit stair nosings with anit-slip inserts

EdgeGrip Ali is a powder coated aluminum stair nosing with a slip resistant GRP insert, available in two colours choices, silver/grey or yellow.  Provides slip resistant and visual contrast for step and stair nosings in commercial and office environments.  It can be fitted to new stairs or retro-fitted to existing steps and stairs.  Two profile dimensions are available in a variety of length or lengths cut-to-order. See data sheet for more information.

SlipGrip - GRP anti-slip full tread & nosing cover plates

SlipGrip GRP anti-slip full tread & nosing cover plates

SlipGrip GRP anti-slip full tread & stair nosing cover plates lap the full depth of the stair tread, giving the whole step a slip-resistant surface.  Available in black/white, black/yellow, grey/white, and a number of natural stone/white finishes, plus glow-in-the-dark photolumenescent nosings.  There are three main types of SlipGrip - Standard, Original Heavy Duty (which comes with a 10 year guarantee), and Extreme Core (which comes with a 10 year guarantee). 

SlipGrip - GRP anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates

SlipGrip GRP anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates

SlipGrip GRP anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates do exactly what the title suggests - they come in the same options as listed above but with much deeper horizontal surface to cover the depth of a landing rather than just a tread.  The can be cut to bespoke dimensions to cover any shape landing, including winding or spiral staircases.  For especially deep landings additional sections can be made-up by fitting SlipGrip flooring sheets.  For installation guidance and fitting see the SlipGrip Data Sheet and Installation Guide.

SlipGrip Precision Aluminium - anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates

SlipGrip Aluminium GRP anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates natural colours

SlipGrip Aluminium is a full tread & nosing cover plate available with yellow & black anti-slip inserts or white & black.  Perfect for offices, hotels and other commercial environments.  Available in standard lengths or can be custom cut-to-size.

SlipGrip - Anti-slip GRP flat sheet flooring

Anti-slip GRP flat sheet flooring

SlipGrip GRP anti-slip flat sheet flooring available in Standard (black) and Heavy Duty (black, yellow or stone) to tie-in with the SlipGrip tread and landing covers listed above.  They come in standard sheet sizes but can be cut down to custom sheet dimensions and bespoke shapes.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including ramps, access paths, walkways, gangways, factory floors and car parks.  

SlipGrip GRP matching step and stair riser plates

SlipGrip matching step and stair nosing plates

Complete the look and create a neat seamless finish by installing matching GRP riser plates on your steps or stairs; available in the same finishes as the SlipGrip landing & tread covers.

Anti-Slip GRP Decking Strips - slip resistant strips for timber decking

Anti-slip GRP decking strips available in yellow black sand

DeckGrip strips come in three colours, stone/black/yellow, and two grades, course and fine.  They can be applied to new decking as a preemptive measure, or to existing timber decking that has become dangerously slippery especially when wet.  Wet leaves and moss growth can create further hazards that decking strips can mitigate against.  They come in three widths 50mm, 90mm and 120mm with chamfered edges.  Standard lengths are 1200mm and 2400mm, but can be cut to required size and pre-drilled with holes for fixing.  They are easy to install, hard-wearing and come with a 10 year guarantee against breakages.



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