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Resin for bound aggregate / stone carpets and bonded gravel systems

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Resin for bound aggregate / stone carpet & bonded gravel systems

Binders for decorative aggregates, gravel, stone chippings to create attractive outdoor and indoor surfaces

Resin bound and bonded surfaces have been used for many years on resin-bonded-stone-aggregate-coastal-footpathdriveways,  walkways, footpaths, car parks, roads. They are also increasingly being used as an indoor floor finish in a wide range of spaces such as shopping centres, cafes, service stations, conservatories, offices and atria. 

There are two main types of system, resin bound and resin bonded.

In a resin bonded system the resin is applied to a surfacepart-sealed-buff-bauxite-bonded-aggregate-system and the aggregate is generously scattered, or broadcast, over the top while the resin is still wet. When the resin cures it effectively glues the aggregate to the surface below. The surface is then brushed to remove excess aggregate before bringing the area in to use. The durability of the surface can be further enhanced by applying a clear topcoat / sealer coat to the bonded aggregate. This encapsulates the aggregate and gives an especially robust surface ideal for steep inclines on vehicle trafficked surfaces, breaking zones or turning zones.  The aggregate used in resin bonded systems is usually much finer than those used in resin bound systems, and the overall thickness of the system is much thinner.

In resin bound systems the aggregate is thoroughly mixed with the resin, resin bound recycled glass aggregate for hard-wearing decorative outdoor surfacecoating each piece, before being laid. The mix is then placed and smoothed to the desired depth and levelled. A typical minimum thickness is around 10mm and can take up minor level differences on the laying surface if required. UV resistant coatings should be used for areas exposed to sunlight. Depending upon the amount of resin used, there are generally small air gaps between parts of the aggregate enabling the system to be permeable. For indoor applications additional clear sealer coats might be used.  A wide variety of aggregates can be used, traditionally stone chippings such as quartz, basalt, bauxite, marble, granite etc. but they can also be recycled glass chips. Often considered to be an environmentally friendly option because they are reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, recycled glass aggregates can look spectacular.

resins bases and sealers for resin bonded aggregate systems

Resin based for resin bonded aggregate systems includeuradeck resin bonded stone public footpath over bridge Pumagrip HD2 and Pumagrip HD3 buff coloured semi-flexible polyurethane binders for use with natural and synthetic aggregates. Both have excellent adhesion to well prepared concrete, sand/cement screeds, polymer modified screeds, timber, steel and some asphalts (see data sheet for more information). Epigrip and Uradeck BC are both flexibe resin binders that can be used to produce a waterproof slip-resistant surface, both are black in colour.  Uradeck BC is particularly suited to providing waterproof slip-resistant finishes to balconies, decks, suspended floors, walways and foot bridges. Uradeck Clear Finish or Episeal SF can be used as a clear topcoat / sealer coat for enhanced durability and longevity. Call Arcon on 01925852225 or email for prices and availability.

clear resins for resin bound aggregate systems

Arcon Construction Supplies stock clear resins for use in resin bound outdoor-resin-bound-plain-aggregate-black-high-slip-resistanceaggregate systems, aggregate can either be sourced separately or through Arcon. Resubind UV is a UV stable clear resin binder specifically designed for use in bound systems using a wide range of aggregates including stone, glass and rubber crumb for play surfaces. Stonebond PU is another UV stable clear aggregate encapsulation resin can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Surfaces are generally primed with Stonebond Primer and the system can be finished with clear Stonebond Sealer espically in areas that with experience high traffic loads. Call Arcon on 01925852225 or email for prices and availability.


Resin bound systems using decorative aggregates are increasingly Rodeau-Carnival-Rio-deep-green-resin-bound-aggregate-for-interiorsbeing used to create interesting flooring schemes in commercial, corperate and domestic interiors. Systems can be used in airports, showrooms, shops, offices, apartments, concourses, breakout areas, spas and hotels to create highly durable, slip-resistant, decorative floor finishes. The clear resins for stone bound carpets can be used for indoor uses. They are usually combined with smoother aggregates than are used externally.  Further seal coats can also be applied to create a smoother finish.  

Rondeau is a designer bound resin system with 3 groups of carefully indoor-resin-bound-decorative-aggregate-greyselected decorative aggregates - naturals, metallics and brights. Call Arcon on 01925 85 2225 or email to request a quote or samples.

Additional clear resin sealer coats can be used to achieve a smoother finish if desired.  For other decorative resins for interiors see Decorative resin floor finishes



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