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Anti Slip Floor Paints and Coatings

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slip resistant floor paints and coatings

anti-slip floor paints and coatings for garages, factories, warehouses, kitchens, paths, ramps, walkways

Are you looking to refurbish the floor in your factory or work place? Are you well aware of the health and safety legislation you have to comply with? Slippages and falls are still commonplace in the UK work environment despite health and safety improvements. Problem areas include, walkways, steps, wash down areas and traffic aisles.

Anti-slip seamless resin floor coating for food industryTo reduce the risk of slippages and falls, you will need an anti slip floor coating which today can be achieved by adding aggregates of varying particle size into a floor coating .This way an abrasive or rough, but importantly anti slip characteristic, will be obtained. Different types of filler can create an anti slip floor coating. Examples are silica sands and quartz, but the end result is the same: a significant improvement in anti-slip properties and abrasion resistance.

The anti slip aggregate is commonly applied in two ways.

Firstly, the aggregate can be added to the paint solution and it will then be an integral part of the paint when applied to the floor. The other option is to first apply a paint to the floor and then spread the aggregate evenly over the paint in the quantity required. Depending on the situation, a second coat of paint is then normally applied over this aggregate finish to seal it and give colour. Which ever methodology is used, this new anti slip floor coating will enhance safety for pedestrians, and it is also useful to provide extra traction on slopes and ramps for forklift trucks etc.

Anti-slip warehouse floor suitable for forklift truck traffickingFactory and Distribution.
Chemical Processing.
Food and Drink.

The range of anti-slip floor coating systems provide durable, attractive finishes for some of the most demanding of industrial environments. They are available in a wide range of colours and non-slip flooring grades.

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Anti-Slip Epoxy Resin Coatings

Anti-slip seamless resin floor coating for industrial areas, car parks, garages, chemically resistant floorsResucoat Profile a 3-part high build, solvent free, heavy duty epoxy resin coating system applied at approx. 200 microns per coat. It provides a slip-resistant, easily-cleanable, hygienic, seamless textured gloss finish. Suitable for light to medium duty industrial use. Ideal for use in food processing areas, factory floors, plant rooms, workshops and warehouses.

Resucoat Profile HD the same product as above for medium to heavy duty industrial applications.

Pumacoat WB Non Slip a hard wearing water-based epoxy resin coating incorporating aggregate for maximum non-slip properties. 

Resuseal WB an attractive, durable, water-based epoxy resin floor and wall paint for warehouses, production and food preparation areas. Easily modified for anti-slip properties with the addition or scatter of aggregate to create slip-resistant flooring. Available in a range of attractive colours. Very low odour.

Resutop LV a two pack epoxy resin finish for areas of high build, hard wearing, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance is required. Addition or scatter of aggregate can be incorporated to create anti-slip flooring. Available in many attractive colours.

Anti-slip Polyurethane Resin Coatings

Anti-slip seamless resin floor coating for wet area e.g. showers, changing rooms, swimming pools, food processingResutile a high grade, solvented polyurethane system designed for maximum chemical resistance. Stands up to high temperature cleaning. Suitable for breweries, mortuaries, abattoirs and vehicle maintenance floors. Easily modified with aggregate for non slip environments.

Resudeck a two pack, high build, durable, polyurethane floor coating resistant to hot water and steam cleaning. Excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt and bitumen. Aggregate addition for non slip situations.

Resupen Resupen Systems comprise of a range of high-grade polyurethane resin coatings designed to seal concrete in depth in either clear or coloured decorative finishes. The resultant surfaces are capable of withstanding extreme conditions including abrasion, impact and chemical attack. Resupen systems are non-dusting, impervious, oil/grease resistant and provide high chemical resistance.

Anti-slip Aggregates Types, Material Properties & Densities.

The slip resistance of resin floor finishes, such as paints and coatings, can be light scatter of aggregate added to resin floor to give slip-resistant finishenchanced at application stage by broadcasting aggregate on the freshly applied surface and back rolling or encapsulating between layers. 

Aggregate can be scattered evenly or limited to zones where the risk of slipping is greatest e.g. around a sink area where water could be spilt and left standing on the floor surface.  

The denser the scatter the greater the slip-resistance of the surface. The medium scatter of aggregate added to resin floor to give slip-resistant finishimages to the right show a light scatter and a medium scatter of aggregate. 

The grade of aggregate, often defined as fine through to coarse, will effect the slip-resistance. If scattered at the same density, the coarser grades will have greater slip-resistance than the finer grades. The average size of individual aggregate particles is usually given in millimeters.

The are a wide variety of aggregates that can be used to give an anti-slip surface. The best aggregate for each project will be specific to the function of the space and the desired aesthetic. For example, if a floor is to be trafficked by vehicles then an aggregate that has a high compressive strength and good abrasion resistance such as aluminium oxide might be used. Other aggregates include silica sand, flint silica, quartz chips, glass beads and synthetic.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment

Anti-slip tile coating / paint for tiles in wet areas, swimming pools, concourses, bathrooms,SafeGrip a surface applied treatment for dangerously slippy tiles in shopping centre entrances, school foyers and swimming pool surrounds.





Anti-slip GRP hi-vis step & stair nosings & tread coversAnti-slip outdoor surface finishes, coatings and paints


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