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Water Plugging & Stopping

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Water Plugging & Stopping

We supply water stopping products that can be used to plug leaks in concrete and masonry to prevent water ingress in to a building.  

waterplug a hydraulic cement mortar that sets in 3 to 5 minutes.  It expands as it sets and can be used to plug holes and cracks even if water is flowing through and in under-water situations.  

febtank plug / febtank waterplug an ultra-rapid setting mortar for plugging leaking joints, holes and cracks in concrete and masonry.  Forms a permanent watertight seal in minutes.

nufins waterplug a rapid setting cement-based mortar for stopping live water leaks / running water and sets within 1 minute at 20 degrees celcius (set time is extended in cooler temperatures).  Used for pluggging leaks in basements, cellars, below-ground access chambers, sewerage systems, pipe sections, masonry/brick/concrete tunnels and concrete structures.

Aquaplug a rapid setting cement-based mortar used for plugging leaks in structures and buildings.  It can also be used to seal joints to stop the inflow of water.  Suitable for use in live water, damp and wet conditions.  Suitable for sealing joints in concrete pipes, plugging concrete panels, sealing leaks in basements and sewerage systems. 

Throroseal Waterplug - Step-by-step process of plugging leaks through concrete and masonry structures.

Arcon water stopping - thoroseal waterplug step 1

STEP 1: Remove any loose material around the leak.

Arcon water stopping - thoroseal waterplug step 2

STEP 2: Mix the Waterplug powder with enough water to create a putty-like consistency and form in to a ball large enough to plug the hole - this can and should be done while the leak is live i.e. water is flowing in.

Arcon water stopping - thoroseal waterplug step 3 

STEP 3: Push the putty into the hole, the material expands as it sets instantly stopping running water, and hold in place while the material sets.  This step can either be done by hand or with a trowel.  NOTE: Hand and eye protection should be worn at all times when working with this product.

Arcon water stopping - thoroseal waterplug step 4


  • Plugging leaks in basements and cellars.
  • Stopping water seepage through joints and cracks in concrete and masonry.
  • Filling joints in concrete or masonry tunnels, sewers, underground structures.
  • Filling joints, cracks or holes in water retaining structures such as reservoirs, swimming pools, ponds, tanks, bunds, flood defences and sea walls.
  • Any situation where normal mortar will wash out.
  • Anchoring situations, such as fixing railings, bolts. pipes etc., where resins will not bond due to water. 


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