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Self-hardening black sand joint filler for patio & driveway paving

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self-hardening black sand joint filler for patio and driveway paving

Easy-to-use self-hardening black silica to fill joints between concrete paving, stone flags, cobbles and setts

Achieving your ideal look for hard landscaped areas in your garden and on driveways can be difficult. Even after you have chosen your perfect paving material, size, shape and layout one final decision remains. Which material you choose to fill the joints between your new paving slabs can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the entire area. Traditionally sand has been used to fill paving joints, which tolerates movement but can wash out over time or allow weeds to bed in and grow. Mortar joints between paving are time consuming and require a degree of skill to well, however they can crack and eventually get pushed out of the joint. In recent years, jointing compounds have been developed that are easy-to-use, self-hardening, accommodate movement/flex and come in a range of colours to enable you to complete your scheme with stunning results.

black paving joints

Black paving joints can give a stylish elegant look to a paved area. Black EasyJoint Jet Black Self-Hardening Paving Jointing Compoundjoints can work well with grey, black and terracotta hues of paving in all manner of formats, shapes, sizes and layouts. However, when used with buff coloured paving the joints will be extremely prominent and can overpower the look of the look of the stone or concrete. 

EasyJoint Jet Black is an all-weather use paving jointing compound containing black coloured silicas, plant derived compounds and hardening agents.  It is suitable for use by homeowners and DIY-ers due to its ease of application and by landscaping professionals because of its reliable high technical performance.  

EasyJoint is supplied in a sealed bag - simply dowse your paving in water, pour the contents of the bag on to the paving and brush into the joints, then wash down again - for a step-by-step installation guide see VIDEO

EasyJoint is ideal for use on domestic paved areas and driveways, for heavier trafficked areas and highways see Paving Jointing

Benefits of using EasyJoint:

  • Easy-to-use but technically advanced material
  • Environmentally friendly - does not contain resins or cement
  • Resists movement and can tolerate light vehicle traffic
  • Cures to form a hard rigid joint that is water permeable
  • Resists weed growth
  • Resists cracking and won't wash out
  • Can be used in virtually all weather
  • Long-lasting performance 

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EasyJoint is also available in MUSHROOM, BUFF SAND, STONE GREY & BASALT

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