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Epoxy Resin Repair Mortars

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Why use epoxy resin floor repair products?

For floor repairs in sensitive situations such as, movement joints, steps, impact zones and areas subject to chemical attack, epoxy resin repair products out-perform cement based products in almost every category. Selection of the correct type of epoxy compound and good preparation will provide long lasting floor repairs.

Advantages of epoxy resin floor mortars and concretes

  • High adhesive properties
  • High strength and impact resistance
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistance to vibration and dynamic loading
  • Low shrinkage during cure
  • Excellent performance under high traffic levels
  • Non dusting, self-coloured and decorative.
  • May be installed in thin section (feather edged) to bulk infill
  • Economical for performance

Is a primer necessary?

Where thin section repairs are to be carried out or where the substrate is suspect an epoxy resin primer is useful and can only improve the quality of repair. Each system has it's own recommendations.

An epoxy resin primer:

  • Improves adhesion of repair
  • Improves application properties of repair or screed.
  • Seals highly porous surfaces
  • Improves coverage of top coat

Are epoxy resin repair mortars easy to use?

Yes they are even though many manufacturers describe their epoxy resin repair mortars and screeds as “specialist” products. Being multi component systems some manufacturers advocate that only trained professionals should attempt to use them.

True, there are resin products which require stringent control but the majority of products can be mixed and installed by almost anyone.

How do I apply an epoxy resin mortar?

For instance 3 component products comprising of Base resin liquid, Hardener resin liquid and Filler powder can be easily mixed with a drill and paddle or even by hand for small quantities. The two resins are thoroughly mixed together and then the filler is added to give body. The filler amount can often be varied to give different consistencies of product.

Provided that the instructions for each product are followed, epoxy resin mortars can be as easy to use as other more familiar multi component products such as cement/sand/water mortars and concretes.

If in doubt about any application ARCON can offer simple advice for all preparation, mixing equipment, and application methods.

Epoxy Resin Floor Repair Products

Metobond 1:1 a fine filled epoxy resin paste and adhesive. For the repair of broken nosings to steps and gouges in floors. Applied with a spatula and may be ground to profile after curing. No primer required.

Resupatch feather edge to 25mm+ fast hardening epoxy repair mortar. Brown sugar consistency. Generally no need for priming. This product can also be supplied in rapid set and high build variations for vertical repairs.

Tufpatch FS a rapid set and hardening epoxy mortar, feather edge to 25mm+ for floor repairs which require early re-opening to traffic. Heavy duty product excellent for heavy traffic situations.

Pumaintain Floor Repair a versatile resin repair compound. Easy to apply with high durability, impact and abrasion resistant. Performs below 5oC.

Nitomortar S a three component heavy duty epoxy resin mortar and screed. High quality, fine finish product used with primer.

Resufil and Pumabulk bulk fill resin mortar and concretes used prior to laying final floor screed or coatings.  Economical solutions for deep section resin floor repairs.


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